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What motivates MKR star Sarah Chase

The My Kitchen Rules NZ semi-finalist has recently released her first cookbook. Here, Sarah chats about superfood salads and how she kick-starts her mornings.

Feel-good faves

My go-to healthy meal is a nutrient-rich salad, with spiralised carrots and beetroot, some spinach, shredded chicken and a yummy dressing topped with a crunchy seed mix. It’s so fresh, filling and tasty. If I’m pushed for time, I’ll have a blueberry and spinach smoothie with coconut cream, a scoop of protein and chia seeds – so good.

Finish these sentences:

My ideal way to spend a Saturday night is…With my kids, eating homemade clean sweets and treats (a clean banoffee pie or raw mixed berry cheesecake, preferably made by Jay), and watching a nice family movie.

My favourite thing to spread on toast is… Avocado with butter on Venerdi bread with a crack of pepper – yum!

If I could go on holiday tomorrow, I would want to go to… Los Angeles. I would love to do a road trip there with my family.

The skill I would love to learn would be… Stand-up paddle boarding yoga and acro-yoga. Namaste.

Rise and shine

I love a glass of water and lemon or apple cider vinegar in the morning to kick-start the gut and refresh the organs for a big day.

I’m always up first so I’ll also listen to some podcasts from [motivational speaker and business coach] Dani Johnson, to get my head in the right place for the day. It’s important to remember your mental health is just as vital as your physical health.

Kitchen nightmares

I’ve had way too many burnt moments to count, not including the times I’ve left a pot on an element that’s still on. Thankfully no house fires were caused in any of these incidents!

Workout wonders

I like to feel comfortable when I work out so my essentials are a good pair of tights, comfy shoes, drink bottle, sweat towel and gloves (have to keep my lady hands soft!). Exercise has to be fun, so RPM class (not a good time for me) and running are not high on my list.

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