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Win over the pickiest of eaters with these nutritious meal hacks

From bone broth to super greens, here’s why Nutra Organics will level up your daily diet

Thanks to Nutra Organics, it’s never been easier to supercharge your daily meals with delicious, nutritious supplements. The Australian-made brand specialises in natural, scientifically formulated products like superfood blends, bone broth concentrates and health supplements to support your wellbeing.

After all, whether you’re a frustrated parent dealing with fussy eaters, a time-poor office worker or fitness enthusiast, sometimes, there aren’t enough hours in the day to ensure every meal you and your family consume is rich in nutrients. In times like these, we turn to Nutra Organics to quickly boost our breakfast, lunch and dinners.

This year, Nutra Organics is celebrating its 25th birthday and is celebrating by releasing a coffee table-worthy cookbook containing 140 nutritious yet simple, family-friendly recipes. A genius hack for whipping up delicious and healthy meals, here’s everything you need to know about easily incorporating the Nutra Organics range into your daily diet.

The Nutra Organics cookbook: Wholefoods to Deeply Nourish, $44.

Which Nutra Organics products are best suited to your lifestyle?

The Nutra Organics product range offers something for everyone, including collagen, broths, kids’ nutrition, superfoods, protein, and more. Depending on your lifestyle, here are the best products to consider:

For busy parents and picky kids: Transform any meal into a delicious yet nutritious concoction with the Nutra Organics’ range of kids’ superfood powders.

In particular, the Nutra Organics Veggie Hero powder contains a blend of 15 fruits and veggies, meaning it’s an easy addition to purees, pasta sauces and dips. We often add the Veggie Hero powder to scrambled eggs, soups or spaghetti bolognese — all perfect meals for fussy eaters who refuse to eat their broccoli.

We also recommend the Gutsy Gummies gummy mix for a fun and healthy snack that’s a great alternative to artificial lollies. Available in strawberry, mango and blueberry flavours, Gutsy Gummies is low in sugar, nourishes your child’s gut wellbeing, and delivers on protein and vitamin C. The Gutsy Gummies gummy mix is easy to make — simply add water and spoon the mixture into a Gummy Mould.

For fitness enthusiasts: The Nutra Organics range of broth concentrates and powders is a flavourful way to boost immunity and energy levels — especially after strenuous exercise.

A suitable base for soups, stews, sauces and gravies, the Nutra Organics broths are either made from beef bone, chicken bone, or a vegan-friendly veggie concoction.

You can even use the broths in family-friendly recipes like this hearty tomato and basil pasta.

A selection of top products from the Nutra Organics range.

For social butterflies: The Nutra Organics Super Greens + Reds powder blend is perfect for a busy individual who’s always on the go. The Greens + Reds powder combines 23 different superfoods to support energy, gut health and immunity, meaning it’s the ideal all-rounder.

We recommend adding the Super Greens + Reds powder to water, juice and smoothies or experimenting with breakfast and desserts, including chia puddings, bliss balls and clean treats. If you’re after a green smoothie that actually tastes good, add the powder to this nourishing Everything Smoothie.

For the beauty-conscious: Boost your skin, hair, and nails from the inside out with Nutra Organics’ extensive range of collagen powder and tablets. Every beauty and skincare devotee knows that the benefits of collagen are second to none, especially if you want to improve skin elasticity and hydration, support healthy hair and strengthen your nails.

The original Nutra Organics Collagen Beauty powder is unflavoured, so it can be added to anything from water and smoothies to coffees and meals.

Collagen Beauty, $44, from Nutra Organics

If you desire a flavoured collagen boost, the Nutra Organics Collagen Beauty powder is available in various flavours, including caramel, vanilla, watermelon/strawberry, lemon/lime, blueberry/wildflower and tropical.

One of Nutra Organics’ most popular products in New Zealand and Australia, the Collagen Beauty powder is definitely one to invest in.

Who owns Nutra Organics?

Nutra Organics was founded in 1998 by Mark and Darlene Powell, a husband-and-wife duo with a background in naturopathy who aimed to fill nutritional gaps and improve the health of their young family.

Based on the philosophy that “wellness shouldn’t be overcomplicated, boring or unattainable, the family-owned brand has today grown into a team of nutritionists, naturopaths, and health experts who produce wholefoods-based formulations that can be easily incorporated into daily diets.

Shop the Nutra Organics product range here, and browse delicious wholefoods recipes here. Visit for more.

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