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Celebrity personal chef Kate McAloon shares stars’ diet secrets

The secret eating habits of Courteney Cox, Gwyneth Paltrow and Miranda Kerr you need to know.

What are the diet secrets of the svelte A-listers? Celebrity personal chef Kate McAloon was in Auckland recently and shared her kitchen-confidential tips with Woman’s Day.

Kate, 59, has been dishing up meals for Courteney Cox, Gwyneth Paltrow, Steven Spielberg, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Miranda Kerr. In fact, she became such good pals with Aussie model Miranda’s mother Therese, she stayed with her when she moved to Australia from the US. They still catch up regularly.

Kate McAloon

What’s the number one tip for how to eat like a celebrity?

The key is to add flavour without adding calories. “I do this by using fresh herbs and culinary oils,” says Kate.

“I’m an ambassador for Young Living – a US-based essential oils company – and I use its culinary oils in my cooking. If you don’t have a lemon tree at home or lemons are horrendously expensive at the supermarket, adding a drop or two of lemon essential oil will do the trick.”

A 15ml bottle costs $25 and will yield 250-300 drops. Young Living oils are sold online at

What’s the top food to maintain health?

Kate says anything green – except paint or grass! The chef was infamously misquoted a few years ago when she implied that Gwyneth doesn’t eat anything except grass. “She does eat!” laughs Kate.

What are the staple ingredients you always have?

Quinoa, good salt (preferably Himalayan), culinary oils and fresh fruit and vegetables, preferably organic, from farmers’ markets.

Other favourite foods…

Champagne, butter and cheese. What else is toast but a vessel for butter and cheese?

Miranda Kerr

Fave healthy foods: Salmon, roast chicken, quinoa and greens. Fave treats: Chia puddings, cream and chocolate.

Courteney Cox

Fave healthy foods: Roasted vegetables and mockaritas (non-alcoholic margaritas). Fave treats: Hummus, margaritas and guacamole. She and Jennifer Aniston are said to have indulged in the Mexican specialties after Jen split from Brad Pitt.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Fave healthy foods: Tuna and roast chicken. Fave treats: Blondies – like a brownie but flavoured with white chocolate.

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