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Why mosquitoes bite some people more

Finally! An answer to why mosquitoes plague some, and leave others well alone.

Despite it being a joke that mosquitoes only bite people who taste ‘sweet,’ it turns out there could actually be some truth to this theory.

According to scientists, the higher the amount of lactic acid you’re producing, the more mosquitoes are attracted to you. Lactic acid comes from sweat, so be sure to wipe or wash sweat off before sitting outside to help avoid mosquitoes biting you.

Similarly the more cholesterol on your skin can also attract them – though this may actually mean your body is better at breaking it down, not that you have higher levels than other people.

Bacteria on your skin can make you more appealing to gnats, with Staphylococcus and Variovorax making you all the more delicious. However other bacteria can actually act as a deterrent, it all depends what is on your skin.

Your blood type also goes someway to determining whether you’re bite-worthy – those with type O blood being most likely to get nibbled. Type B comes next, then Type A.

Heavy breathers are also more likely to get bitten, because they emit more Carbon Dioxide than others. Mosquitoes are attracted to this and so may be drawn to the gas. Pretty annoying, but considering CO2 helps plants grow, heavy breathers are still pretty useful to the planet.

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