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The condom that helps you fall pregnant

The rise of the at-home conception kit, which some say could be as effective as IVF but a whole lot cheaper.

Yes, you read correctly: there is now a condom, currently on sale in the U.S. that works to impregnate women, rather than preventing it from happening.

This could be seen as revolutionary news for those struggling to fall pregnant as reports indicate this condom’s success rate is sitting at 20 per cent in the two-year period since its inception.

Various reports are also sizing up The Stork against IVF treatment (which can cost around $10,000 per round), with the non-contraceptive condom costing just $129.95 for a single-use kit.

It has been revealed that The Stork has helped hundreds of couples get pregnant in the last two years – a number that experts believe could actually be much higher.

Opening up to The Daily Mail, Dr Catherine Hood, who will be speaking about the new research surrounding Stork success rates at the London Fertility Show, says, “The real figure is likely to be much higher as infertility is often an intensely private and personal subject and this data is based purely on couples who voluntarily contacted the company.”

So, how does it work?

Using a cervical cap inside a condom-like sheath made out from silicone – the Conceptacle – to collect sperm, the applicator then delivers the sperm to the cervical opening of a woman’s vagina.

It is then advised that the woman leaves the cap inside herself for four to six hours, before gently pulling it out by its string, similar to a tampon.

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