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Weight loss blogger Simone Anderson reveals what a Brazilian butt lift is really like

Fitness and weight loss blogger, Simone Anderson, has documented her Brazilian butt lift - and she looks incredible.
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Warning: Contains graphic imagery.

Would you ever get a Brazilian butt lift?

Chances are, you’ve never considered one. But you probably haven’t been on a health and fitness journey as monumental as weight loss blogger, Simone Anderson, either.

Simone’s decision to get a Brazilian butt lift was not just for cosmetic reasons, it was the final step to Simone feeling happy and confident in her own skin – something that hasn’t always been easy.

In 2014, at her heaviest, Simone weighed 169kg. She made the decision to lose weight and started a Facebook and Instagram page to document her progress and keep her accountable.

Simone began her inspirational weight loss journey by making sure she went for an hour-long walk or swim each day and cutting out processed foods.

She started losing weight dramatically (20kg in two months to be exact), but still faced a problem: her stomach.

Speaking to Good Health Choices, Simone admits she was constantly hungry.

“As I had stretched my stomach to an almost two-litre capacity, I was constantly hungry,” she says. “Food was the only thing I would ever think about, every day; food was controlling me.”

To combat this, in 2015 she had a gastric sleeve surgery to reduce the size of her stomach. The surgery was a success and Simone no longer felt the need to consume such large portions of food.

And with continued exercise and a healthy diet post-surgery, Simone ultimately dropped 92kg.

Since 2014 Simone has lost 92kg – no small feat.

Despite feeling healthier and fitter, Simone struggled to carry around the excess skin left behind on her body.

Simone has previously likened her excess skin to a rubber band that has been stretched out – her skin just couldn’t recover its original elasticity or shape. So she decided to have further surgery to remove the excess skin on her upper body. She flew to Arizona to have the surgery.

“I was covered in loose skin and started to investigate doctors and chose Dr Repta where I underwent an abdominalplasty, breast lift, breast augmentation and a braline back lift,” Anderson exaplained to her more than 250,000 Instagram followers.

Post-surgery, Simone’s upper body looked healthy and toned, but she maintained she’d like to wait a few years before tackling the loose skin on her lower body.

This year, Simone decided to tackle the loose skin around her bum and thighs, saying she was looking forward to seeing muscle definition on her legs – despite the fact she’d learned to love her loose skin.

Enter: the Brazilian butt lift.

A Brazilian butt lift is a plastic surgery procedure that involves liposuction and taking fat from one part of the body and injecting it into the butt to improve its shape.

Simone shows her pre-surgery loose skin.

Simone flew back to Arizona to visit Dr Repta, who performed the surgery. He took fat from Anderson’s thighs and injected it into her butt cheeks; he also removed excess skin from her thighs.

And after a 10-hour surgery, the results look amazing!

Despite feeling lightheaded at times post-surgery, Simone is doing well and is ‘over the moon’ with the results.

Speaking on Instagram post-surgery, Simone said: “2.8 years later I am now back in the USA four days post lower body skin removal on my thighs, butt and fat transfer to my butt.

“Each and every decision I made for me, I put myself first and I will continue to do so no matter what critique I receive. Do you know why? Because not a single other person has walked in my shoes, experienced what I have been through and knows what each step along the way has felt like.”

Anderson has candidly vlogged about her surgery on her Youtube channel, discussing topics such as post-surgery pain (she rates it an 8/10 on the pain scale), how the anesthetic has impacted her and what she’s learned from this experience.

We wish her all the best with her recovery!

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