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Rude health: pupil dilation and arousal

Useful secrets and tips on intimate subjects.

Look at someone’s pupils to see if they find you sexually attractive. US scientists asked volunteers to watch steamy videos and found pupil dilation was an accurate measure of arousal. This may be due to a surge in adrenalin.

**Food side effects

**Some foods that are good for us can also have some unexpected side effects. Rhubarb contains calcium and vitamins A and C, needed for bone and muscle health. It’s also high in potassium and low in salt, so helps deal with fluid retention. Scientists at Sheffield Hallam University found baking rhubarb for 20 minutes dramatically increased levels of anticancerous polyphenols. However, it contains anthocyanin, a natural dye that turns urine pink, according to urologist Christopher Eden of the Royal Surrey County Hospital.

Other foods known to do this include red Pebbles, beetroot and blackberries – even a small portion can have this effect. The dye is harmless, but can’t be metabolised in the body, so it is excreted in urine, says Chris. Always check blood in urine, as this can be a sign of infection or cancer. Make sure you tell your GP if you’ve been eating these foods. Urine reverts to normal within four to six hours of eating rhubarb.

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