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Married At First Sight’s Jules Robinson shares how she lost 9kg without giving up her favourite foods

The newlywed shares how she overcame her yo-yo dieting ways to build a healthy new lifestyle.
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Married At First Sight‘s golden couple Jules Robinson and Cameron Merchant tied the knot for real in November last year and in preparation, the reality TV star was eager to build a healthy new lifestyle to see her through to the big day and her life as a newlywed.

Keen to kick her years of yo-yo dieting to the kerb, Jules signed up and became an ambassador for WW (formerly known as Weight Watchers) ahead of her big day, revealing not only has she gained a healthy new lifestyle, but she’s also been able to lose an impressive 9kg and 15cm of body fat – without having to give up her favourite foods.

Speaking to Now To Love AU the 37-year-old revealed the program has helped her become more mindful about her food choices, aiming for moderation and balance rather than having a list of foods she’s not allowed to eat.

“I can still enjoy any food or drink,” Jules reveals.

“Since it’s customised to suit my food preferences and lifestyle, I’ve been eating more of the things I love, including carbs like wholemeal pasta!”

She says she’d yo-yo dieted for years which caused her weight to fluctuate and that the diet restrictions impacted on her social life and weren’t realistic in the long-term, saying she chose WW because she felt like it was a lifestyle, rather than a diet.

Jules says WW has helped her create a healthy lifestyle and allowed her to kick her old yo-yo dieting days to the kerb. (Image: Instagram/@julesrobinson82)

Consistent exercise has also helped Jules shed the kilos, revealing she has two sessions with her personal trainer Natalie per week which includes weights and boxing and then does three additional gym classes a week.

“Body pump, body attack, spin and yoga are my favourites,” Jules says.

“I’m feeling so much stronger and my stamina is growing every week.”

In an Instagram post, the TV star says that she’s always felt confident in her own skin but now feels “healthier and stronger” and adds that she hasn’t been “obsessing” over the number of kilos she loses, instead focusing on how she feels.

Jules shared photos of herself before and after her 9kg weight loss saying that while she’s not “obsessing” over how many kilos she loses, she is already feeling “healthier and stronger”. (Image: Instagram/@julesrobinson82)

After speculation that Jules had completed a body blast quick-fix last year began circulating when she was seen rocking a noticeably slimmer figure, the TV star took to Instagram in September to set the record straight, attributing her weight loss to her new “holistic, healthy and sustainable” approach to weight loss, thanks to her role as ambassador for WW.

“Anyone who knows me well and for a long time, knows that I have fluctuated my whole life,” Jules shared in an Instagram post at the time.

“WW is [a] holistic healthy sustainable approach to being a healthy, curvy, womanly best version of myself! I’m looking forward to sharing this rewarding experience with you.

“This picture a few weeks ago escalated to a few articles reporting that [I] had done a 4 week body blast #quickfix to go away on holiday. This was not the case! I started my #juleswwjourney 2 weeks before I went away, and I successfully lost 3 kilos,” Jules revealed.

“It was lovely to have my efforts recognised but I stress that @ww is so far from a quick fix. It’s a long term lifestyle choice. My realistic goal was to return from Europe the same weight I left, and I did it! Remembering that I usually return 4 kilos heavier! #proud.”

She went on to add that she had put on 10kg over the past year and while she did not want to be “skinny”, naturally she wanted to look her bet on her wedding day and “importantly I want to be in great shape to carry a child.”

Jules and Cam first met on the reality TV show Married At First Sight in September 2018 and just over one year later were able to tie the knot for real, in front of their closest friends and family.

The couple chose Beta Bar and Alpha Restaurant in Sydney as their venue, with the nuptials screened in a special A Current Affair episode in Australia.

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