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Health benefits of red wine

Red wine is good for your heart, boosts brain power, and is even good for your teeth.
Red Wine Benefits

It’s good for your heart, boosts your brain power and may even slow down ageing. Now here’s another reason why you shouldn’t feel guilty about drinking red wine – it may also be good for your teeth.

A study carried out in Spain has concluded that red wine may be able to help prevent cavities. The researchers believe that it contains compounds that act against biofilms – communities of bacteria which form in the mouth and are difficult to kill. These biofilms form plaque and produce acid which damages teeth.

The scientists grew biofilms in a lab, then dipped them in various liquids and observed the outcome. Red wine and grape seed extract were most effective in killing the biofilms.

However, the team behind the study says this is not an excuse to overdo the merlot or pinot noir. They’re hoping to isolate the compounds that kill bacteria and make purpose-designed products from them – minus the alcohol content.

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