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Elle Macpherson reveals the secret to her ageless beauty

And no, it's not just good genes.

It’s no surprise that people want to know about the Elle Macpherson diet given the supermodel’s ageless good looks. Lucky for us, she revealed the secrets to her flawless skin — and no, it’s not just down to good genes.

Macpherson is a fan of intermittent-fasting, an eating plan that’s recently become quite popular. As a result, she starts her breakfasts a bit later in the day. In doing so, she’s also cleared up a lot of her digestive issues. “I was finding myself getting easily bloated, not digesting my food, and not really getting the nutrients out of my food,” she told Mind Body Green.

“It inspired me to look deeper into nutrition and the way I was feeding my body.”

When she’s ready for her first meal, she typically begins with a glass of warm water and lemon. Then, she’ll slurp a smoothie she admits is “a little crazy.” It’s made with garlic, ginger, turmeric, parsley, cilantro, cucumber, celery, kale, lemon, half an apple, broccoli sprouts, pea sprouts, and two big spoonfuls of Super Elixir Greens, she says. “It’s filled to the brim with live nutrients.”

If you don’t have those ingredients on hand, that’s OK. Macpherson said the real secret is to stay hydrated. “I believe if everyone starts drinking two to three litres of water a day, it’d make a huge difference.” And science agrees that there are many benefits to drinking lots of water.

As for the other foods she loves to eat, Macpherson is a fan of eggs, fish, nut cheese, tahini, vegetable pasta, and whatever other veggies she can find. Of course, she also craves something sugary every now and then. Macpherson enjoys chocolate shakes made with protein powder, hemp seeds, and water to satisfy her sweet tooth.

This story originally appeared on our sister site Woman’s World.

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