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Elle Macpherson on body image and wellness

Great advice for those struggling to accept their ageing body.
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She may be an international supermodel but that doesn’t stop Elle Macpherson from getting real about wellness and body positivity.

In an interview Macpherson spoke candidly about aging gracefully, feeling good from the inside out and being the best version of herself.

“One of the things I’ve been working on myself: adapt to the changes in my body.

“If I fight against it, I’m miserable. But if I adapt to the changes and work with them and appreciate and understand that I’m not 20, I’m 52, it’s okay.”

It’s refreshing (and important) to see Elle speaking out about being well on the inside and simply being our best selves rather than focusing on exclusively on physical beauty.

For more of Elle’s thoughts on wellness check out our video above.

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