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Chrissy Teigen candidly opens up about her mental and physical health post-baby: “I wasn’t being good to my body”

The author and television show host gets honest about how she adjusted to motherhood.

We love Chrissy Teigen for her incredible honesty; whether she’s discussing American politics (she’s really not a Donald Trump fan), opening up about fertility struggles or normalising stretch marks, no topic is taboo for Teigen.

This time she’s revealed how her mental and physical health suffered after becoming a mum – and it’s something a lot of new mothers will be able to relate to.

Speaking to Women’s Health, the Cravings author shared that she didn’t look after herself properly after giving birth to her daughter Luna back in 2016.

“After Luna, I was drinking too much,” she says. “I wasn’t eating as much because I was full from drinking. I wasn’t being good to my body.”

The Lip Sync Battle host has previously opened up about struggling after the birth of her first born child with singer John Legend.

Chrissy admitted in a touching post for Glamour that she suffered from post-natal depression three months after Luna’s birth.

“I had everything I needed to be happy. And yet, for much of the last year, I felt unhappy. What basically everyone around me—but me—knew up until December was this: I have postpartum depression.

“How can I feel this way when everything is so great? I’ve had a hard time coming to terms with that.”

Chrissy and her family then visited Bali. While there, the star reportedly attended a wellness retreat and spent time focused on her mental wellbeing.

“What could be more important than mental health?” she asked Women’s Health.

“What’s more important than being proud of yourself and doing the best you can for your body?”

But it’s not just the new focus on mental health that’s different, Chrissy is treating her body with kindness and insists she doesn’t “ever have to be in a swimsuit again” after having her babies.

Chrissy has previously modeled for Sports Illustrated, so her nonchalant approach to her weight is refreshing.

“Since I was 20 years old, I had this weight in my mind that I am, or that I’m supposed to be. I’ve been so used to that number for 10 years now. And then I started realising it was a swimsuit-model weight. There’s a very big difference between wanting to be that kind of fit and wanting to be happy-fit.”

We love her body positivity!

But Chrissy doesn’t stop there, she notes that something about her body has definitely changed since welcoming her second child, Miles Theodore Stephens – her breasts!

“With your second, you just, like, pop ’em on. I look at my boobs and I’m like, What the heck happened? They face outwards now. They’re like giant disks.”

Ah Chrissy, never change!

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