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2016 diet trends

The future is looking tasty!

By now we all know fad diets are equal parts useless and dangerous.

But lucky for us, there are still less extreme, more well-rounded diets popping up that can help us lose weight and feel great.

In 2016 expect to…

Eat more vegetarian fare

Australian Food Network reports global market research company Mintel has released its food and drink trend predications for the new year, and says dairy, gluten and meat alternatives will no longer just be consumed by those with dietary needs.

“Veggie burgers and non-dairy milks have escaped the realm of substitutes primarily for people with dietary concerns and followers of vegetarian diets,” said Mintel’s Global Food and Drink Anaylst, Jenny Zieglar.

Add to this reports bacon gives you cancer, and it’s safe to say veggies are definitely having a moment.

Ask what’s in it

Or out, more to the point.

As we grow more concerned with eating natural and less processed food products, we’ll become more educated about our diets and want to ensure our food is free from additives, hormones, preservatives, and artificial ingredients.

Make like a European

Music to an antipasto-lover’s ears, as we start to accept that fat doesn’t necessarily mean bad, and that some types of unsaturated fat is actually good for us, we will steer towards a Mediterranean diet full of flavourful foods rich in vitamins and nutrients.

Fresh fruit and veg, nuts and legumes, regular use of olive oil, plenty of fish and poultry – and yes, red wine – will have us feeling satiated and also wanting to book a trip to the Greek Islands.

Experiment with pasta alternatives

Here come those veggies again. Vegetable Spiralizers have been gaining slow but steady popularity this past year, and they’re set to become mainstream in 2016.

Allowing you to take a selection of vegetables and turn them into spiral shapes – much like noodles and spaghetti – Spiralizers will help those following a low-carb diet enjoy their favourite foods slightly modified. Zucchini bolognaise, anyone?

Buy more frozen fruit

We’re more into juicing than ever before (thanks, Nutribullet) and as we continue to make juices or smoothies for breakfast, expect to see more frozen fruit already peeled, de-stoned and cut more readily available for our convenience. Delicious, healthy and time saving – we’ll take it!

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