The skincare trends shaking up 2018

Exciting changes are happening in the skincare industry.

2017 was undoubtedly a transformative year for the beauty industry.

Face masks, Korean beauty and celebrity collaborations – think Gigi Hadid x Maybelline and Victoria Beckham x Estee Lauder – came out on top.

This year, K-beauty is poised to go from strength to strength and no needle skin procedures will transform the way an entire generation of women approach beauty.

But what else is going to be HUGE in 2018? Check it out below.


The one-size-fits-all approach just won’t cut it anymore – we’re all unique and our skincare should be too. Expect more tailored beauty products and treatments moving forward.

Already at the forefront is Kiwi skincare brand Tailor, which adheres to a base and concentrate system via a dropper dispenser. Simply combine extracts targeted to your skin type and concern into a base and shake to blend the formulation!

Beauty therapists are also embracing a customised approach more than ever, using a careful curation of products exclusively selected for skin type, concerns and goals.

Try: Tailor Your Blend, the Bespoke Facial at The Facialist, Dermalogica face mapping at authorised salons.

Healthy skin starts within

In an almost complete contrast to the evolution of technology in beauty, there’s also a collective shift towards the age-old attitude of embracing beauty from the inside out.

Cult brands like Glossier are catapulting the desire for beautiful skin with taglines like ‘skin first, make-up second’, so it’s no wonder consumers are adopting a more inside out approach to their skin.

The lines between health, fitness and beauty are rapidly blurring, which we’ve already observed with the launch of Clinique Fit range last month.

Beauty meets health brands we’re loving: MitoQ®, The Beauty Chef, Swisse.

Stress-busting skincare

Skincare that tackles environmental stresses such as pollution, UV exposure and blue light will boom.

Brands are now developing skincare that combats environmental stressors found indoors as well as out – air conditioning, heating and blue light from computer screens to name a few.

Try: Brands offering 360 degree protection: Murad; Elizabeth Arden; Clinique.

Erin is the editor of BEAUTYDIRECTORY and beauty editor at Good Health Choices and Food. You can follow her on Instagram @erinberr.

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