5 easy ways to boost your skincare regime

Think you've got your skincare routine down pat? Try these five tips to take it to the next level!

By Amy Houlihan
If you give your current skincare regime about a 5/10, it's time to take it up a notch. Small changes can take it from good to great and ensure you and your skin are out there living your best lives.

Go sonic

Using a sonic device for cleansing is the perfect way to recreate the efficacy of a professional treatment in your own bathroom. Apply your favourite cleanser to the handheld tool then use it all over the face. The benefits include a deeper than normal product penetration, quick but gentle exfoliation, hygienic removal of oil build-up and dead skin cells, plus a facial massage that that stimulates oxygen and blood-flow circulation, resulting in increased cell turnover and collagen production. Win-win! (win-win-win)
Try: Skinsonic Sonic, $75.

Mask the problem

Masks are the beauty world's biggest phenomenon, with the momentum showing no signs of slowing. Sheet masks are a fantastic way to infuse and lock in nourishing, specifically targeted formulations and of course make for an excellent selfie opportunity. Pop one on to work its magic while you're on your latest Netflix binge.

Remember to exfoliate

A light exfoliant can help to brighten and even out skintone, especially as we age. Cell turnover slows down, which can make skin appear dull, while blotchy pigmentation rears its head. Daily exfoliation with ingredients such as glycolic and alpha-hydroxy acids allows other products to be absorbed more readily, they also clear pores and retexturise skin. Apply at night – doing it in the morning leaves you more sensitive to sunlight – and a light tingle is normal, it's just the acid penetrating. We like a tingle!
Try: Alpha –H Liquid Gold Twin Set 100ml each, $115.

Fake a full night’s sleep

According to the experts, eight and a quarter hours is the optimum amount of sleep we need for our body to operate at its best. Unfortunately this is not a reality for loads of us, with the signs visible on our faces – typical! Let your products do the work while you catch some z's – Shiseido's leave-on, overnight gel mask simulates the effects of sleep for clear, bright and hydrated skin in the morning. The formula contains vitamins C and E, as well as condescended gel capsules which absorb into the skin upon application.

Blitz zits

Problem skin is best left to breathe, with the use of heavy foundation potentially clogging and irritating pores even further. This doesn't mean you can't camouflage it though – just opt for a tinted, oil-free treatment moisturiser instead. - Natio's minimises shine and reduces redness, as well as fighting blemishes. Choose a spot treatment that clears active breakouts, but that also prevents new blemishes from fully developing.
Try Natio Acne Clear & Cover Tinted Daily Face Repair oil Free Moisturiser, $18.50 or Murad Acne Spot Treatment, $40.