How to get the most out of beauty oils

Your skin, hair and soul will thank you for it.

Not so many years ago the suggestion of using oil on your skin would have had women recoiling in horror. But not so today. As our understanding of beauty oils and their nourishing, skin-plumping properties has grown, this ancient beauty secret has made a big comeback.

Oils were once used by the Ancient Egyptians to keep their skin smooth and luminous, and now dermatologists recommend including oil in your daily beauty routine. Certain oils are even recommended for breakout-prone skin because they can reduce the skin’s natural oil production, calm redness and even eradicate break-outs.

Why are oils so good for our skin? They are lipophilic, which means they can penetrate deeper into the skin than many creams and lotions do, trapping water and other moisturising agents while at the same time keeping toxins out.

Some oils help fortify and strengthen our natural skin barrier. They are effectively skin-smoothing, plumping and conditioning, with certain oils packed with antioxidants and/or anti-inflammatory properties.

Linden Leaves Aromatherapy Synergy Oils range.

The oils you often hear beauty experts talk about are rosehip, almond, grapeseed, apricot kernel and avocado, and natural skincare brand Linden Leaves has worked with all of these oils since its inception 22 years ago, long before many other beauty brands caught on.

Its sought-after oils ranges include Linden Leaves Miraculous Facial Oil, which has NATRUE certification, and the Linden Leaves Gold and Aromatherapy Synergy Oils ranges.

Linden Leaves’ founder Brigit Blair originally launched the brand to fill a gap in the market for natural, effective skincare products that were kind to sensitive skin, and despite the brand growing quickly from a humble kitchen operation to an internationally recognised brand, it still prides itself on the labour-intensive processes it uses to lovingly create each product. Each bottle of oil takes up to 14 days to craft, which is no mean feat when you have crafted over 1.7 million!

Linden Leaves Miraculous Facial Oil is a blend of evening primrose and organic rosehip oils, featuring the skin-softening and brightening tonka bean and antioxidant-rich organic white tea.

The Linden Leaves Aromatherapy Synergy Oils range features blends of organic rosehip and avocado oils with pure sweet almond and apricot kernel oils. The oils are vitamin E-enriched and infused with a mellow blend of natural botanical fruit and flower oils.

Each bottle has real freeze-dried flowers or fruits added, which are handpicked in New Zealand. They’re naturally formulated with natural and organic ingredients – free from synthetic colours or preservatives.

Linden Leaves Gold is formulated from grapeseed amaranth and chia seed oils, and contains real flakes of gold.

The oils can be used in a myriad of ways in addition to being applied lovingly to the skin. Here are some of our favourites:

Linden Leaves Gold.

5 ways with Linden Leaves oils

  1. Add a few drops to your bath for a great-smelling and skin-nourishing soak.

  2. Make a body exfoliator using a 2:1 ratio of sugar to oil.

  3. Rub a generous amount over your feet then pop on thick cotton socks and allow to soak in overnight while you sleep.

  4. For a close shave, rub generously on your legs – shaving with oil reduces skin irritation and eliminates the need to moisturise afterwards.

  5. Deal to frizzy hair by dropping one or two drops into your hands then running your hands lightly through your hair. Or use it as a hot oil treatment.

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