The rise and rise of crystals

Their increasing popularity reflects people's growing interest in holistic living.

While gemstones and crystals have been used as a source for healing and spiritual guidance for centuries, up until recently they’ve been associated with ‘hippies’ and fringe communities.

Now crystals are everywhere, appearing on fashion runways, inspiring homeware trends, and integrated into beauty and skincare products, including Linden Leaves’ new gemstone-inspired range, Crystal Crush.

The crystal craze is a sign of the times. Where the focus in the wellness industry used to be on ‘doing it hard’ with boot camps and super-clean eating, communities have swung away from that mindset to take a much gentler and more holistic approach to wellness.

Yoga, meditation, mindfulness and the healing power of crystals have become the order of the day – because in a world that just keeps on winding up and getting busier, with modern ailments such as anxiety, depression and adrenal fatigue becoming more common, greater numbers of us are looking for ways to disconnect from the grid and tune into our bodies and minds.

Meanwhile, who can deny crystals’ mysticism and beauty. Their sparkle and colour has inspired fashion, jewellery and homeware trends alike.

While Linden Leaves has always tapped into nature for inspiration, including many different botanicals in its products from miniature roses and fruit to essential oils derived from plants and even flakes of gold, the inclusion of its Crystal Crush range taps into this modern mindset, and takes the brand’s love of the natural world one step further.

Linden Leaves’ Crystal Crush range comes in two stunning fragrances: light and lovely Rose Quartz and warm, serene Amethyst.

Rose quartz is a gemstone for the heart, representing love, compassion and peace. . A healer would recommend it to attract love or if you were recovering from a breakup or recent loss.

The Crystal Crush Rose Quartz range offers fresh top notes of mandarin and begamot layered over a floral heart of rose, carnation and jasmine and soft base notes of amber and iris.

Amethyst is a stone that promotes spiritual growth and stills the mind. If you wanted to explore your higher spirituality but still keep one foot firmly on the ground, amethyst is a crystal that you would be drawn to.

Linden Leaves’ Crystal Crush Amethyst range offers a fragrant infusion of green fruit top notes layered over a heart of gardenia and white florals and warm base notes of amber, musk and vanilla.

We can’t think of a more lovely way to integrate crystals into your life.

Says Linden Leaves founder Brigit Blair, “Some believe these beautiful stones have healing properties and bring spiritual support and guidance. We believe the fragrances inspire these feelings and will bring you a moment of happiness in your day.”

Crystal knowhow

It is said that we are drawn to the crystals we need the most for that time in our life. When you’re selecting a crystal, don’t seek out their meanings first. Just pick up the one that you’re drawn to.

If you wear a crystal or meditate with a crystal daily, it needs to be cleaned once a week. Cleaning removes any dense or stale energy the crystal may have picked up in its environment, or from you. If someone else touches your crystal it needs to be cleaned immediately. Your crystal becomes personally attuned to you and your energy, so you need to avoid anybody else putting their vibration or energy on it.

There are a number of different ways you can clean a crystal:

  1. Bury it in dirt for a week. Returning your crystal or stone to the earth allows it to cleanse and recharge with the vibration of the earth.

  2. Wash in salt water. (Some crystals disintegrate when wet. Stones that can’t get wet include: amber, turquoise, red coral, fire opal, moonstone, calcite, kyanite, kunzite, angelite, azurite, selenite.)

  3. Leave your crystal out in the moonlight for three days before and three days after the full moon (or at least 24 hours).

  4. Wipe with a soft cloth and isopropyl alcohol.

  5. Burn sage and run the stone through the smoke.

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