5 ways to take a better selfie

We round up the best secrets to taking a perfect picture, every time.
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If you scroll back through the camera roll on your phone, we bet every there’s about 100 frames for every spontaneous selfie photoshoot you’ve done.

That’s because nailing the perfect picture takes extreme precision, and a combination of perfect lighting and a flattering angle – which can often be hard to pin down.

Read on for the best tips and tricks to getting a Facebook profile-photo worthy shot first time, every time.

Find your light

If you’re shooting your selfie inside – find a window, stat. Having nice, natural sunlight streaming onto your face is ideal if you want to glow like an angel.

For those extra dedicated to that perfect shot – find a piece of white paper and hold it underneath you chin. This will create a natural bounce of light which illuminates the face, and also reduces the appearance of a double chin.

Avoid shadows

If it’s during the day, face directly into or away from the sun. The best time to shoot a photo is during sunrise or sunset, when the light is low – that way you’ll avoid any shadows casting on your face.

Know your angles.

If in doubt – keep your chin down and the camera up, and hold the phone so that the bottom of it is level with your eyes.

Avoid facing the camera front-on, and instead opt for a slight turn, which highlights the cheekbones and makes the subject of the photo appear slimmer.

Don’t over-edit

While filters can be great for jazzing up your snaps, don’t go overboard to the point that your photos look unnatural. It’s easy to get carried away with photo editing apps, but we’re all about highlighting your natural beauty.

Be bright

Getting that perfect selfie really comes down to having flawless skin. For a camera-ready complexion that doesn’t need a filter, use Goodness Be Bright Chia Serum.

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