The must-have products you need to create your own style

Time to show the world who you are.

In the age of filtering photos and unrealistic beauty standards, having the courage to be your authentic self isn’t an easy task.

Here at Now To Love, we encourage you to break free of what society deems ‘cool’ – and to create your own style and embrace it.

One of the biggest acts of self-love a woman can make in terms of her style or appearance is to wear her hair how she wants it – unafraid if her partner prefers her hair longer or her boss thinks her curls are too wild.

If you’ve been sporting a hair-do simply because it’s in style (do we all remember getting side fringes in 2008?) but you’re dying to try something else, then it’s time to break free and explore your creative side.

Curls or waves

Dead straight hair isn’t for everyone, if you prefer a bit of bounce and texture in your hair you may want to try rocking some waves or making curls your signature look.

Be they soft 70s curls or voluminous and bold like the 80s, you’re going to need some good products – because whether they’re natural or created with a curling iron, curls can be quite high maintenance.


If you’re lucky enough to have naturally curly hair, your main issue will probably be controlling frizz – particularly on rainy summer days and the weather is misbehaving.

Begin the day by washing your hair, you’ll want to flatten your morning lion mane anyway – anyone else’s curly hair double in size in the humidity?

On towel-dried hair, apply Schwarzkopf’s Extra Care Curl Flex Crème. This helps keep curls soft, bouncy and frizz-free, so you can head to your coffee catch-up without fear of any summer drizzle (read: frizz and fluffiness).

The crème will hold your curls for up to 48 hours, but you can brush this out if you need to, it doesn’t leave any residue.

If you have curly but fine hair try Schwarzkopf’s Extra Care Push Up Volume Mousse instead – it’ll give your hair some oomph and volume.

Next use a hairdryer with a diffuser attachment on your towel-scrunched hair (no rubbing!) to ensure your hair doesn’t frizz and create defined curls.


Have straight hair but wish to make curls your style? It’s important to use a good heat protectant before creating your look. Try Schwarzkopf’s Extra Care Heidi’s Heat Styles Spray – this will help shield hair from damage.

Once you’ve tonged your hair and are happy with your curls, ensure they stay put by spraying some hairspray. Tip: to get rid of any flyaways, spray a tissue or make-up remover pad with hairspray and smooth over any frizz.

Using heat styling tools on your hair can take its toll, so ensure you regularly use a treatment oil to repair any damage and add shine, we like Schwarzkopf”s Extra Care Fibre Therapy Treatment Oil.

Tousled and short

If you want a no-fuss ‘I-naturally-have-flawless-hair’ look then it’s all about texture – and volume.

Those with straight hair are generally lucky enough to avoid frizz, so the products you use to create your tousled, sexy ‘I-woke-up-like-this’ signature look will differ from curly-haired friends.

To create a textured, ruffled look, begin with towel-dried hair. Spray Schwarzkopf’s Extra Care Body & Texture Texturising Spray throughout your hair before drying it off.

Once your hair is dry, you can apply Schwarkopf’s Extra Care Push Up Volume Powder throughout your hair to add even more texture and hold.

If your hair is still not jazzy enough, try a short pixie cut (go on, be brave!) or keep with the tousled theme and add a textured fringe (think: 2017 Taylor Swift – a bit shaggy but still feminine), it’ll add layers of grunge to your look.

Whatever your choice of hairstyle, make sure its unique and special to you. You’re the one rockin’ great hair, you’re creating your own style and you’re the one feeling a million bucks – do it for the self-love brownie points alone.

Schwarzkopf hair care range is available in leading department stores, supermarkets and pharmacies worldwide.

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