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Time saving hacks for the fashion conscious

Lulu Wilcox, The Australian Women’s Weekly’s fashion stylist, shares some time-saving tips to make life a little easier – so you have more time to do the things you love!

How to clean silver jewellery

Squeeze some tomato sauce onto a soft cloth and rub into your silver jewellery. Remove the sauce and your jewellery will shine.

Running out of matches?

I learnt a neat trick from a friend while almost going through a packet of matches trying to light my daughter’s birthday cake candles recently. Dry spaghetti burns just like a match, but as it’s a lot longer, it won’t burn out as quickly. It’s great for relighting short wicks, too, as you won’t burn your fingers by having to get too close.

Chill wine (or beer or any other beverage) fast

If you want to cool down a bottle of wine or non-alcoholic drink quickly, wrap it with a wet piece of kitchen paper and store it in the freezer for 15 minutes.

Stop your ring discolouring or irritating your finger

To avoid irritation or discolouration from a ring, apply a thin layer of clear nail polish to the inside of the ring to create a barrier.

Get makeup (especially foundation or lipstick) out of clothes

Working with models for photo shoots, there is always the risk of getting make-up – particularly foundation or lipstick – on clothing. Persil Dual Capsules are my top laundry hack as they have built-in stain removers so there’s no need for extra cleaning or soaking. They are so quick and easy to use and give great results.

Iron clothes without an iron

No time to get the ironing board out? A pair of hair straighteners will smooth out creases instantly.

Find earrings (or any other small item) on carpet

Lost an earring or its back on the carpet? Place a stocking over the end of your vacuum hose – it will catch the lost item.

Keep jewellery chains from getting tangled

If you love to accessorise on holiday, here’s a tip for keeping jewellery chains tangle-free: pass each chain through a straw to keep them separate and ready to wear.

Stretch shoes that are too tight

To stretch a pair of shoes that are a little too small, put them on while wearing thick socks, blast the shoes with a hairdryer and allow to cool while still wearing them – they will have adapted to your feet.

Get gum off of clothes

To remove gum from your clothes, cool the gum using an ice cube, then flick it off with a butter knife.

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