The Kmart lunchbox idea that parents are going nuts over

Making life easier for parents everywhere.

We all love a good life hack and we also all love Kmart – so when Facebook mum Rough Diamond put up a post this week sharing her clever idea for dividing up food in her child’s lunchbox using an ice cube tray from Kmart, the post was a big hit.

She told her Facebook friends: “Just a wee bit of genius from @reve.ever … a very handy #kmarthack using the large ice cube trays ($2 … which make amazing ice cubes with a wedge of lime frozen in them ) and the Kmart container for your very own bento box !!!”

Since her post went up it has been shared more than 100 times, liked almost 600 times and commented on almost 200 times.

“Omg! Ive been searching for something like this forever! Thank you thank you,” commented one FB friend.

Added another: “Small Fishing takle/bait box at bunnings and mitre 10 also are very good cheap ulternatives. Sides go all the way up (not leak free for yoghurt tho).”

“litterless lunch genius” enthused a third.

A growing number of schools in New Zealand are working on becoming sustainable, meaning students are encouraged to avoid bringing packaged foods or foods wrapped in clingfilm to school, and must take their rubbish home with them.

Target Road School on the North Shore is one such school. In its latest newsletter it tells parents, “Target Road School is well on the way to becoming a Sustainable School. We are endeavouring to make our ‘footprint’ on the Earth much smaller by creating less rubbish for landfills and using re-usable items instead of ‘throw away’ items.

“Lunches are best in: A partitioned lunchbox, where food is put in with no cling film or packets. Fruit can be sliced and put straight into a partition lunchbox.

“It saves money too as no need to buy clingfilm, lunchwrap or expensive packet items.”

We concur.

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