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10 iPhone hacks you need in your life

iPhone users – listen up. You’ve been doing it all wrong.
iphone hacks

iphone hacks

Charge your phone on airplane mode

Ensuring that airplane mode is on will make your device charge in double quick time. No more waiting around for your battery to charge up!

Take a selfie using your earbuds

Use the + volume button on your earbuds to take a selfie with ease (and access so many more lighting options).

Invert colours for better browsing at night

Screen too bright for night browsing? Just go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Invert Colours, and you’ll get a black background with white text. Just that bit easier on the eyes.

Get rid of notifications by swiping

Fed up of banner notifications popping up on the top of your screen? Get rid of them quickly by swiping right. Good to know when an embarrassing text occasionally pops up!

Shake phone to undo typing

If you’re typing a message and want to delete everything you’ve just written, without having to backspace for eternity, shake your phone and you can undo all typing in an instant. Simple.

Make the most out of your iPhone with these tricks

Switch on low power mode

Again, we’re not sure how we’ve managed without this little nugget of knowledge. If you have iOS9 and your battery is low, head to Settings > Battery and turn on Low Power Mode. This turns off non-essential tasks, meaning you can get up to four hours more battery life from your dying device.

If you have bad reception

Turn on airplane mode, then back off and the system will apparently reboot and you could get a better signal.

If you iPhone freezes

Hold down the home and lock button at the same time. If this fails, best thing to do is to let the battery die and then restart from there.

Use Siri to read out your emails/messages while on the go

Hold down Siri, tell her to ‘read my email’ or whatever your request, and you can listen to your messages (safely) while out and about.

Boost battery life by turning off vibrate

This can be found in Settings > Sounds. You can also turn off location services for a further battery boost.

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