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12 stylish Instagram accounts you need to be following

Whether you use Instagram for inspiration or a chuckle, These are the top fashion accounts to follow.

According to Statista, 600 million active users log-on to Instagram a month, so how do you decide what profiles require your undivided attention?

Here are the best accounts to follow for a fresh perspective on fashion, whatever you’re in to.

The illustrator:


Although there are plenty of pretty fashion illustrators capitalising on the visual medium that is Instagram, Blair Breitenstein’s account is one of our favourites for its unique style with bold brush strokes and colour.

She draws the latest must-see fashion moments, focusing on one stand-out piece at a time.

The breath of fresh air:


New Yorker Leandra Medine’s Man Repeller website is now synonymous with witty fashion.

Get the highlights from the team that write articles such as ‘I like my skirts maxi, not mini’ and ‘Why do celebrities always ruin outfits with boring shoes?’ and ‘Get a master class in dressing for yourself, and no one else’.

The memory lane:


Inspired by Murder, She Wrote’s Jessica Fletcher, Cici Harrison has amassed a following for her homage to the show’s sense of style.

Although she is not the typical style-icon hashtagged on Instagram, Angela Lansbury’s Fletcher is a refreshing take on no-fuss fashion from the 80s, and some stylish disguises.

The international:


Side-step the swathe of young social media ‘influencers’ and follow Bolivian photographer Evangelie Smyrniotaki for a more mature take on the latest trends.

Working with are range of renowned luxury brands and a regular at fashion week and exclusive events, her account is your front row pass to a well-considered world of fashion.

The local:


Named ‘the next big thing’ in the modelling world by Harper’s Bazaar, Kiwi-born Victoria Secret Angel Georgia Fowler is on a ride to the top, and she can take you along with her if you follow her Instagram account.

See behind-the-scenes snaps from her latest campaigns and photoshoots as well as checking out the amazing locations she temporarily calls home.

The comedian:


Sometimes fashion is just ridiculous. ‘Siduations’ finds many examples of this by photoshopping the latest trends into surreal circumstances.

Think over-sized Commes de Garçons floating away from its Met Gala show, or the same red and yellow outfit lining up for McDonald’s.

The manicurist:


The Instagram queen of matchy-matchy fashion takes her outfits much further than complementary shoes and a handbag.

This manicurist creates manicure works of art inspired by the latest runway shows, the perfect inspiration for your next #nailart appointment.

The nostalgic:


A ‘nanny named Fran’ has an enduring style legacy in some social media circles.

Fran Fine Fashion chronicles the ‘more is more’ wardrobe of The Nanny’s Fran Fine and you’ll be surprised to see how much Moschino she was partial to.

The environmentalist:


Actor and activist Emma Watson is on a mission to quash eco-fashion’s frumpy image, while dressing in the most showstopping, environmentally friendly re-carpet looks.

Her dedicated account The Press Tour puts artisans in the spotlight, by providing a platform to promote their time-honoured, slow-fashion skills.

The sceptic:


For a brutally honest take on the fashion world, look no further than Julie Houts’ annotated drawings on how we portray ourselves, with a sharp side of cynicism.

The Meryl Streep fan club:


It turns out seeing images of Meryl Streep photoshopped into uncanny meals has been missing from our lives.

Follow this humourous account for just a bit of fun, and killer outfits with a vibrant backdrop.

The unlikely star:


This 88-year-old Instagram sensation proves anything is possible. Her risk-taking, often very furry or sparkly, outfits prove age is really just a number, attracting 3 million followers waiting for her next colourful get-up.

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