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Ready, set, glow 2012!

I don’t know about you but my skin was looking terrible by the end of winter. Those endless weeks of wind and rain took their toll and I’m well aware the harsh summer sun will come along soon to take its turn.

So now is the time to replenish the skin and get a healthy springtime glow. Feed your skin inside and out – and you can get a little help from some of the latest products.

Five hot tips to perk up your complexion

Here’s some skincare wisdome from Karen Fischer, nutritionist and author of The Healthy Skin Diet (Exisle Publishing).

  1. If winter has left your skin feeling dry, then increase your intake of foods that moisturise the skin from the inside out. Fish and linseeds (also known as flaxseeds) contain omega-3, an anti-inflammatory oil that assists with skin-cell hydration so you’re less likely to suffer from dry skin and rashes.

  2. Another way to perk up your complexion is to eat two handfuls of dark leafy greens each day. Greens such as baby spinach, rocket and steamed silverbeet supply nutrients for glowing skin. Make any salad taste delicious with a dressing made with omega-3-rich flaxseed oil, apple cider vinegar, maple syrup and mango chutney.

  3. Spring is a wonderful time to detox. Simply limit sugary and processed foods and cut down on saturated fats such as fatty meats, processed lunch meat, butter and margarine. Then eat more fish, salads and wholegrain carbohydrates such as brown rice.

  4. Eating less food increases your nighttime melatonin levels, which is a hormone that’s associated with youthful skin and good-quality sleep. Aim to eat 30% less food. To do this without counting calories, fill half your plate with salad or cooked vegetables and leave the other half of your plate for a moderate serve each of carbohydrates and protein. Don’t skip meals or eat like a sparrow – healthy food is your friend when it comes to having gorgeous springtime skin.

  5. An easy way to get flaxseeds into your diet is with flax boost capsules. Mr you can use the oil in liquid form, adding it to salad dressings and smoothies for a hit of omega-3 and omega-6.

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