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Make-up primers: everything you need to know

I used to have an issue with makeup. After a few hours on my face it'd fade, crease or somehow slide right off. Then I discovered how to prime properly and these days my makeup stays on until I decide it's time to take it off.

Stay-put eyeshadow

If your lids are even slightly oily, then eye make-up won’t stick. To get around this, use rich eye creams as a night-time only treatment and stick to serums or oil-free gels in the mornings.

  • Use a proper eyelid primer as concealer or foundation will crease.

  • When it comes to eyeliner, gels and liquids will last far longer than eye pencils. Pressing a matching powder eye shadow over your kohl pencil will set it and keep it in place longer. And for long-wearing lashes, opt for a waterproof mascara.

Firm foundation

Primers don’t only help makeup look fresh for longer, they can do anything from reducing redness to minimising pores and smoothing texture. Your foundation won’t need to work as hard and you’ll get away with using a lighter base.

Prevent foundation from settling into fine lines by applying a moisturiser before your primer. The trick is to allow it to absorb for at least five minutes before priming.

Set your foundation with powder. New powders aren’t cakey or drying like they used to be.

Clever blemish cover

Choose a concealer stick the exact shade of your skin. With a brush, dab on the blemish and wipe away from the surrounding areas. Layer on a second coat if needed. Dust a little power directly on top of the spot.

Longer-lasting lippy

Bold shades like red look dramatic but can be messy when they start wearing off. To help your lippy survive longer:

  • If you’re prone to lipstick bleed, Amber D advises you begin by using lip primer. “It has a grabbing effect that will hold onto what you put over it,” she explains.

  • Use a little bit of concealer along the lip line to even the tone out.

  • Now create a lasting colour base with a matt liner in a similar shade to the lipstick. Follow the outline of your pout, then fill in the middle areas.

  • Apply lipstick and then blot by pressing a folded tissue between your lips. You can also press the colour in with a finger and turn it into more of a lip stain. Then apply a second coat.

  • Cover a lip brush with the lipstick and perfect the outline to help seal in the colour and stop it bleeding.

  • A little powder or blush patted on top of the lippy will help it last even longer.

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