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Get that faux glow feelin’

Self-tanning isn’t always simple, but done right, it can look even better than the real thing!

Prep is everything

In order to get a streak-free and, most importantly, undetectable tan result, you need to get serious about prepping your skin.

First of all, shave legs and underarms a full 24 hours prior to your self-tan application – this will ensure your skin has a chance to settle and pores close, so you don’t get tell-tale dots of tanner. Next, exfoliate with your favourite formula to start with a clean and primed canvas. Remove any previous faux bronze with cult favourite Bondi Sands Self Tan Eraser Foam an award-winner that removes dregs of old self-tan in just five minutes.

Best for newbies

A great way to ease into self-tanning is with a gradual tanner. SugarBaby Golden Girl Gradual Tan Face & Body Cream Daily Glow allows you to gradually build your bronze, while Dove Summer Glow Body Lotion is a substitute for some of the priciest in the business!

Stay hydrated

Moisturising your skin is a vital step – and the secret to avoiding patchy areas – but it’s best to moisturise your whole body the night before a tan, and then only moisturise super-dry patches like hands, feet, elbows and knees on tanning day.

Don’t forget your face

Self-tanning your face will give you that just-back-from-Fiji glow instantly and you can wear less makeup due to its complexion-evening qualities. Ensure you are blending all the way up to your hairline and lightly over the ears.

Mecca Cosmetica Sunless Goddess Self-Tanning Drops and Isle of Paradise Self-Tanning Drops can be mixed with your everyday moisturiser, primer or serum to build a gradual tan for face and body, and you control how deep the colour is depending on how many drops you add. SugarBaby Out-Glowing Natural Glow Face & Décolletage Self Tan Water is a non-greasy, golden formula that won’t irritate sensitive types and dries in a flash.

Get glowing

This is where all of your hard work pays off! Pick your tanner of choice and always apply according to the instructions on the bottle or tube as different formulas require different application techniques. If you’re pressed for time, Bondi Sands Aero 1 Hour Express Aerated Self Tanning Foam is ultra-quick drying, and looks best when applied and buffed in with the brand’s Reusable Self-Tan Application Mitt. SugarBaby Sun-Believable Golden Glow Instant Bronze Tanning Mousse is a lightweight, non-sticky formula that is safe for sensitive skin, while serious tanners will love Isle of Paradise Shape and Glow Big Blending Brush a palm-sized kabuki brush that helps you buff and blend your way to a flawless finish.

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