Bloopers and cutting remarks: TVNZ’s hilarious tribute to Daniel Faitaua

If Daniel thought he could quietly sneak away he was very much mistaken.
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As he hung up his newsreader hat to head off to London to be TVNZ’s Europe correspondent, Daniel Faitaua’s colleagues were determined not to let him sneak away quietly.

In a hilarious tribute to Daniel during his last Breakfast show, TVNZ pulled together a round of bloopers and best moments (which you can watch in the player above), showcasing his “quick wit, master eye roll,” and his “record of utter, utter savagery”.

It was a much more light-hearted tribute than the tearful goodbye from his Breakfast colleagues later on in the show.

There wasn’t a dry eye in the studio as the team farewelled their good friend and colleague. Matty McLean, who has been friends with Daniel since they attended broadcasting school together, struggled to sum up just how much Daniel will be missed.

Daniel with his Breakfast colleagues Hayley Holt, John Campbell and Matty McLean.

“I was there at broadcasting school when you had your boy, your first boy – there’s three of them now and they’re big boys,” he said. “We worked together in Wellington, we worked together on Breakfast as junior reporters…”

“It’s so exciting to be able to work with your mates every morning and, Daniel, you’re one of the best,” he continued. “I’m going to miss you, it’s not going to be the same [not] sitting next to you every morning but I’m so excited for you.”

Daniel revealed during the show that he has “cried a lot this week” because he has also had to come to terms with saying goodbye to his brother, who is dying of cancer and has only days to live.

In an Instagram post later that day, he dedicated his final show to his brother, saying, “My last day on Breakfast dedicated to you bro. I love you.”

It’s that sort of openness that has endeared Daniel so much to the public. Fans have been overwhelmingly supportive, taking to social media to express their love and support.

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What seems to resonate so much with the audience is his down to earth nature, consummate professionalism, scathing wit and his incredibly dry sense of humour.

It remains to be seen whether Daniel will get the chance to shine in the same way given the more serious nature of the Europe correspondent role. But as we write this we think to ourselves ‘what would Daniel say?’

In the words of the man himself, “What a load of rubbish. Get over yourselves.”

Ka kite Daniel. Go well.

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