The Block NZ: The ‘do-over’ room reveal

The DIY duos got a chance to revisit and improve on a past mistake with this week's challenge.
The Block NZ do over room reveal

From Andy and Nate’s black and white bathroom to Stace and Yanita’s cramped living room, there have a been a few shockers over the past six weeks on The Block NZ. Luckily for the teams, this week’s room reveal brief allocated $2000 to do-over one of their past disasters. With only 52 hours and another brief from Peter Wolfkamp to plaster their enormous 9m stairwell, the teams were really feeling the pressure.

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Although Andy and Nate’s bathroom would have been the ideal room to redo the tight budget and limited time meant they settled on improving their kitchen and living area instead. The judges said Andy and Nate’s living room felt too much like a commercial space. They also said the wooden louvre feature was chunky and looked like a bed and they hated the ‘coffin-like’ tv cabinet. So Andy and Nate set about rearranging the space, rebuilding the louvre and cabinet to create more of a ‘homey-feel’.

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Julia and Ali received one of the lowest scores in The Block NZ history for their attempt at a little boys room at the start of the season. After making up for their botched efforts by repeating the kid’s room brief in the ‘blank canvas’ room reveal, the twins had the perfect opportunity this week to get rid of the black mark on their record.

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Ling and Zing may be spoilt for choice when it comes to past disasters, but conflicting ideas about which room to redo and with limited time up their sleeves, the brother’s decided to fix up bit and pieces that they didn’t get around to doing. While touching up paint, fixing cabinets and finishing the hallway are important jobs for the overall look of the house this decision went against the brief of choosing one space to do-over.

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Battling with an AWOL plasterer and with 80% of their budget already spent, Stace and Yanita’s room reveal was not a smooth one this week. The besties decided to redo their living room to make it feel more open plan. By swapping their couch, removing the scaffold room divider and adding a desk space the room instantly felt like more of a livable space.

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Andy and Nate played around with the arrangement of their furniture.

The judges thought Andy and Nate’s louvre feature was too chunky and looked like an upright bed. So Nate took some slats out and placed the remaining ones on an angle.

Andy and Nate also changed up the corner of the living room to try amake it feel less like a commercial space.

Andy added a new TV cabinet after Jason called the last one a coffin.

Julia and Ali chose to re-do their little boy’s room from week one.

With 75% of their budget already spent, the sisters had to carefully chose what would create the biggest impact for the lowest cost.

The twins removed the lighting feature from the wall and chose a blue and neutral colour combo to cover the green that the judges hated.

Ling and Zing chose to do a range of odd jobs instead of redoing one room.

The boys didn’t see the point in ripping apart a room because it would take up too much time.

Instead, they got rid of the bedhead and tidied up the space by vacuuming and cleaning the mirrors.

Stace and Yanita decided to reconfigure their living room to make it feel more open plan.

Stace and Yanita chose a new couch and turned the storage cabinet into a desk space.

They also decided to get rid of their room divider which made the area feel really small.

The custom sideboard Stace and Yanita created received some scathing comments from the judges so they decided to replace it too.

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