My Kitchen Rules NZ: Three teams fight for their spot in the grand final

Heather and Mitch, Teal and Sophie, and Chris and Bex cook it out for their place in the grand final.

It’s the last episode before the grand final on My Kitchen Rules NZ.

The three teams: Teal and Sophie, Chris and Bex, and Heather and Mitch are going head to head to remain in the competition.

Teal and Sophie are feeling confident.

“We’re well rested and ready to go,” Sophie says.

This week, the teams are catering for a wedding and are to cater a three course meal for 80 guests.

Mitch and Heather are feeling the pressure.

“We’ve never cooked for this many people before,” says Mitch.

The teams jump straight into their canapés.

Chris and Bex are making chorizo and manchego croquettes for their canapé, sous vide salmon salad with a sweet bourbon sauce for their entrée, and confit pork belly with Asian slaw for their main.

Chris and Bex busy in the kitchen preparing their Canapé.

Teal and Sophie are making lychee with pickled cucumber and Chinese pork sausage for their canapé, pan fried scallops with spring onion oil, capers and Asian apple slaw, for their entrée, and, finally, lemongrass beef salad with Chinese sausages and fried onions for their main.

Sophie in the kitchen.

Heather and Mitch are serving proscuitto and porcini arancini for their canapé, hapuka on caprese salad for their entrée, and lamb rack with sumac ricotta, broad beans and peas for their main.

Heather and Mitch working away at their courses.

It’s getting close to presenting their canapés, and the contestants are feeling the nerves.

“Planning 80 canapés, it’s huge! We potentially left this a little bit too late,” says Heather.

“It’s really starting to dawn on us now, just the sheer volume of people,” says Bex.

“Reality is starting to hit home.”

Heather and Mitch’s canapé.

Pete and Manu try Teal and Sophie’s canapé first.

“Wow, that is very unusual flavour combination,” says Pete. That’s never a good comment!

Teal and Sophie’s canapé.

Next up, the judges try Chris and Bex’s canapé.

“Beautiful texture, nice and soft in the middle, cheesy, salty from the chorizo,” says Manu. That’s better!

Heather and Mitch’s canapé wasn’t a huge hit.

“Great texture on the outside, but, you want flavour,” says Pete.

“I mean this is, I dare say, a bit boring.” Uh oh.

Manu and Pete discussing Heather and Mitch’s canapé.

Next up, the entrées.

Heather and Mitch’s is more of a hit this time.

“I don’t mind this entrée at all, I think it’s a generous portion,” says Manu.

Teal and Sophie’s entrée gets a mixed response, the scallops are a hit, but the slaw, not so much.

Last but not least, it’s time for Chris and Bex’s entrée, and the judges are excited.

“Look at the colours on there, it’s summery, it’s fresh, I can already tell that’s it’s going to be quite a textural dish,” says Pete.

Manu and Pete with Chris and Bex’s entrée.

“Now that’s technique,” says Manu.

However, Pete isn’t as convinced.

“The sauce is a little sweet for my liking,” he says.

It’s almost time for the final course, the main.

Bex is feeling nervous about her main.

“The pork is the scariest thing for me,” she says.

“We want this pork belly to keep us in the competition.

Meanwhile, Heather wants Chris and Bex to be quiet, referring to Bex as “Wanaka.”

“Wanaka is bloody chatty Cathy, can they shut up,” she says.

“Oh my god that’s so good babe!” Woah, no need to mock, Heather!

Heather giving Bex a stare down.

Pete and Manu try Teal and Sophie’s main first.

“The hero of the dish is definitely that beef,” says Pete.

Next up, Chris and Bex.

“Woah, chili, very hot,” says Manu.

“I mean the pork is cooked beautifully.”

“A lot of people out there are going to love this dish,” says Pete.

Finally, it’s Heather and Mitch’s main.

“Cooked perfectly, unbelievable,” says Manu.

“It’s a powerful dish,” says Pete. Great comments!

Manu and Pete discuss mains.

The contestants are getting ready to hear their final scores.

“To be honest I’d love to beat them [Chris and Bex], I’d love to nail them,” says Mitch. Wow, these two don’t seem to be fans of poor Chris and Bex!

Heather and Mitch.

The contestants are lined up ready for their scores.

“Everything is on the line, everything,” says Teal.

The contestants waiting for their scores.

Chris and Bex are up first.

With positive feedback from the judges, their courses get a 9 from Manu and the same from Pete, giving them a score of 18 out of 20. This means they have a confirmed place in the grand final.

A happy Chris and Bex.

Chris and Bex share a kiss after their amazing score.

Heather and Mitch aren’t so happy…

Next up, Sophie and Teal.

Pete give the pair a 7, and Manu the same.

This gives Sophie and Teal a 14 out of 20.

Heather and Mitch get a mixed response.

After hearing Heather and Mitch’s feedback, Sophie feels a bit more hopeful.

“We could still have a chance,” she says.

Heather and Mitch feel the nerves.

Pete gives the pair a 9 and the same from Manu.

Congratulations, Heather and Mitch!

This unfortunately means that Sophie and Teal are going home.

We’re sorry to see you go, you two!

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