My Kitchen Rules NZ: Mitch and Heather’s sigh of relief

The Christchurch foodie friends are in it to win it.
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In this episode we see Heather and Mitch – the “villains” of My Kitchen Rules NZ – welcome the MKR contestants to Smoke and Mirrors, their instant restaurant in Christchurch.

The pair, who call themselves ‘foodie friends’, are definitely just friends.

“Hell will freeze over before you and I get married,” Heather says. (Ouch).

“Yeah yeah I get it, cool,” Mitch replies.

It seems as though confidence is on the menu tonight.

“Every dish we do we will get right,” says Mitch.

Heather has her eyes on the prize.

“There’s 100 grand on the line, I want the money,” she says.

Heather and Mitch.

For their entrée, Heather and Mitch present pig tail, tongue and cheek, and let’s just say pig three ways is not everyone’s first choice of cuisine.

“I just don’t think it’s everybody’s cup of tea, but obviously it’s Heather and Mitch’s,” says Tash.

“I’m quite grossed out to be honest, a curly tail on your plate,” Maddie says through laughter to Charlotte. Yeah, we don’t need the visuals Maddie.

Now it’s time to impress judges Pete Evans and Manu Feildel.

Pete, starts off positive, “the effort that has gone into this dish is tremendous”, but it was quickly followed by a dreaded – “but.”

Heather nervously waiting while the judges taste the entrée.

“But there’s just one element that’s missing, and it’s a pretty big one…” (It was salt).

“You were this close to having a perfect dish,” Pete says. Note to self: never forget the salt!

An emotional Heather after the judges’ feedback.

For the main, Heather and Mitch make wild venison, manuka smoked beets, broccoli and jus.

Heather ensures she doesn’t hold back on the salt this time.

“I’m so now paranoid that it’s not going to be salty enough, I’m putting salt in the god damn feta,” she says. Good call!

While the contestants wait, Sophie declares her nerves to the judges.

“I think we could lose our top spot,” she says.

“We really want to keep that top spot.”

Teal and Sophie.

The main is served and tension in the room rises.

Maddie and Charlotte are also feeling nervous due to being on the bottom of the table, with a risk of being sent home.

“Honestly, it looks amazing,” Maddie says.

“If it tastes as amazing as it looks then they probably really have it, the top score.”

After the judges finish the main, Manu asks rather bluntly who made the sauce.

Mitch answers quietly with a nervous look on his face, “I did.”

“I think, oh no, what’s going on,” Mitch says to the camera.

“Perfect,” Manu says. Phew!

Pete is pleased also.

“It was perfect.”

Heather and Mitch are happy with their feedback.

The positivity is high.

“Boy oh boy that’s a hard dish to beat right there, it really is,” says Hera.

However, Teal disagrees, or perhaps he’s feeling threatened?

“The jus, I don’t get that, something horribly went wrong in there, it became very salty for my liking,” he says.

I don’t think the girls agree with you, Teal!

For dessert, Heather and Mitch make Bombe Alaska with vanilla berry compote and a berry medley.

“That dessert is going to have to be an epic fail, for those girls (Maddie and Charlotte) to remain in the competition,” Hera says.

However, it’s looking as though the desert may be more of an abomination then a Bombe Alaska, after Heather realises the meringue is oversized and too thick.

“It’s going to be so embarrassing taking it out there,” she says to Mitch.

“It was supposed to be smooth and glossy, it ain’t like that.”

Heather trying to fix her bombalaskas.

“We’re in trouble with the dessert, but we need to get something out,” says Mitch.

“Looking at the dessert, we’re thinking now our top spots definitely gone.”

Pete and Manu aren’t impressed this time around.

“Your sponge was dense, and quite dry,” Pete says.

“Is this competition worthy? I don’t think so.”

Is that a slight smile from Sophie at the judges feedback?

“We gave it a shot,” Mitch says. Bad move, Mitch.

“Gave it a shot. One hundred thousand dollars and just, gave it a shot,” Manu replies. Uh oh.

“It’s the last dinner tonight, it’s between you and those two ladies there,” Manu looks towards Charlotte and Maddie.

“I’m feeling damaged,” Heather says.

Heather after the judges comments.

Chris starts to fear for Heather and Mitch.

“After this dessert, Teal and Sophie are staying on top, without a shallow of a doubt,” he says.

“We got this one,” Teal says.

“This is all taken care of.”

Now for the final results.

“Someone’s being eliminated tonight, Charlotte and Maddie or you and I,” Heather says to Mitch.

Heather and Mitch nervously wait for there results.

The pair need to beat Charlotte and Maddie’s score of 54 in order to remain in the competition.

For their entrée, the pair scored a 7 from Manu and an 8 from Pete.

The main received a 9 from Manu and a 10 from Pete.

Maddie looks over at Charlotte, “see-ya”, she says. Poor girls!

“Defeated, we’re going home,” Maddie says.

The Bombe Alaska however didn’t score as well. Pete gave it a 4 and Manu a 5.

From the guest teams, Heather and Mitch received 32 out of 50, giving them a total of 75 but also meaning Maddie and Charlotte are eliminated.

“This is not the end of the Charlotte and Maddie show,” Maddie says.

“It’s the beginning,” adds Charlotte.

We’re sad to see you go, girls!

Charlotte and Maddie after finding out they’re being sent home.

Meanwhile, Teal and Sophie are relieved that their top spot is safe and Heather and Mitch are just happy to still be in the competition!

Now the next round begins.

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