Married at First Sight NZ: ‘You’ve got exactly the relationship you deserve’

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After the dinner party dramas only three couples are left on Married at First Sight NZ.

Here’s how things stand for the remaining couples as the show heads into its final episodes.

Angel and Brett

Brett’s marking their one-month anniversary by sneaking out to buy Angel flowers.

“No one’s ever bought me flowers so I cried,” Angel reveals.

Angel is relaxed about the therapy session and thinks their relationship is on track.

At the therapy session, relationship counsellor Tony Jones praises the couple for their behaviour at the dinner party and how they tried to de-escalate the conflict between the other couples.

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What’s breakfast without a bit of ping-pong?

He asks them what they have that the others’ don’t, and how can people learn from them.

“We’ve just been focusing on each other and living in the now… We’re both just positive people and choose not to get involved in negativity,” says Brett.

“I can’t believe the journey we’ve had,” says Angel. “It’s almost surreal.”

With the week apart coming up the couple have faith that it’s a necessary part of the process.

Tony thanks them for their commitment to the experiment and to each other. He says that because of that “You’ve got exactly the relationship you deserve.”

Angel says she can’t remember life before Brett. “Who was that girl?”

Brett meanwhile is thinking of how he’ll thank her for all the things she has done for him. “I’ll definitely thank her 600 times today,” he laughs.

Aaron and Ben

Ben opens up to Aaron about how uncomfortable he was with Aaron spending time with his ex.

After Aaron spent a night away from Ben, the pair seem initially to be in good form but things start getting tense. Ben is planning his Halloween ‘Pretty Committee’ party while Aaron is wondering if Ben will spend any time with him for his birthday.

Aaron mentions that he was out until 3.30am with his friend Dan, an ex-partner, which rankles Ben.

“Two weeks ago Aaron had this huge meltdown when I stayed at my house… but he’s allowed go to spend the day and whole night with his ex-partner… That ain’t right.”

Ben says he’s also feeling stressed by the dinner party and being “attacked” on the night. “I’m the victim,” he says.

At their therapy session, Aaron says he thinks that he and Ben are on the same page.

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After the eventful dinner party the experts are keen to hear how their relationship is progressing.

They talk about the “showdown” at the dinner between Haydn and Ben.

Ben says he felt like Aaron could have done more to protect him and stand up for him.

Aaron says “I guess it comes down to the fact that generally I’m a peacekeeper.”

Ben also brings up the claim that Aaron supposedly called him fake and re-litigates the messages sent between Haydn and Aaron.

“He was bitching about me and you didn’t have my back.”

Aaron claims he didn’t value Haydn’s opinion and didn’t want to enter into an argument about Ben.

“There’s been a trust broken,” says Ben.

He says he also annoyed that Aaron is spending time with his ex. “I don’t know anyone who would be OK with their partner spending until 3.30am with their ex.”

Aaron says he was trying to give Ben space and that he doesn’t have a lot of friends in Auckland.

“My ex-partner is still a good friend. We dated for about eight weeks… He’s got a new partner.”

The late night Aaron, a paramedic, spent with his ex was at work running an ambulance shift not out drinking.

Aaron says he’s hurt by the accusation that he was up to no good.

“My emotions are definitely heightened this week,” Ben says. “I don’t genuinely believe that anything happened with you and your ex… I think it was poor timing on your behalf.”

Aaron says he would never cheat on Ben to which Ben responds “I’ve heard that before by the way.”

Aaron tells the cameras he’s happy that Ben opened up about his feelings and he feels that things are improving between them.

“Obviously there are things we need to work on and it’s not a perfect relationship at this point but hopefully with some time and getting back to our normal lives it will step up from there.”

Later Aaron says he believes he’ll be setting himself up for failure if he moves to Auckland to be with Ben.

“I need a commitment that if I moved up here that I would finish my studies before we would move overseas.”

“For me to walk away after six weeks defeats the entire purpose of this relationship.”

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Andrew and Vicky

Andrew and Vicky also feel relaxed about the therapy session, after which they’ll have a week apart which Vicky says she’s really looking forward to.

“I’ll miss you,” Andrew says.

“I do care about Andy but I think he wants to push it more than I do,” she later tells the cameras.

At their therapy session, the experts immediately address the disastrous dinner party.

Andrew says Vicky was the “ringleader” of the drama to which she responds “how dare you.”

Vicky defends herself saying things needed to be said and she wanted Haydn to be honest about what had happened.

“Vicky isn’t a bad person… She’s real cool,” Andrew adds which makes Vicky smile.

“I didn’t want to come off as this horrible person, which I’m not,” she tells the experts. “I just say what I think.”

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Parni highlights the friendliness and playfulness between Vicky and Andrew and says it’s good to see.

“Yeah, we’re good,” says Andrew.

“We’re just a bit more light-hearted when things come up. We’re not angry,” adds Vicky.

The experts ask them whether they still have the same level of commitment as when they came into the experiment.

“We don’t know if we going to be able to progress this into a long-term thing, right?” Andrew says, looking at Vicky.

“Yeah, I feel like we are on a friendship level,” says Vicky.

Andrew says they will still renew their vows but Vicky doesn’t seem so sure. “We don’t want to force it.”

Tony advises them not to write their relationship off too soon. He asks them to list qualities in each other that they like and respect.

Vicky says Andrew is kind and thoughtful but struggles to elaborate on anything else she likes about him.

Andy highlights her morals, her family values and her honesty as qualities he admires. “You’ve helped me grow as a person,” he says.

Vicky again struggles to find anything she’s learned about herself through the experiment.

She’s looking forward to the week apart from each other. “I guess time will tell,” she says about whether they’ll reconnect.

Later the experts highlight the challenges Andrew and Vicky face.

“From the very beginning it would appear that Vicky has ‘friendzoned’ Andrew and not really given him a chance in the romantic arena. This is an opportunity for Andrew to really step up and let Vicky know how he truly feels about her,” says Parni.

The couples will now have one more date before a week apart. They will then decide at a commitment ceremony whether they see a future with their match… Will Angel and Brett’s love bubble burst? Will Vicky give Andrew a chance? Will Aaron decide that Ben is not worth the effort? We can’t wait to find out!

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