Married at First Sight NZ: Home visits put relationships to the test

A trip home sees the couples question whether they have a future together.
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The remaining couples in Married at First Sight NZ embark on their biggest challenge since meeting at the altar three weeks ago – home visits.

Andrew tries to set the scene for Vicky ahead of her visit that the house needs a bit of work.

It’s fair to say that for Andrew, who shares his home with two flatmates and Mr Pigglesworth the pig, keeping a clean and tidy house is not a priority.

And Vicky is horrified when she arrives to see the state of the bathroom – and the unflushed toilet…

Here, piggy piggy… Vicky wrestles the toothpaste from Mr Pigglesworth.

“The bathroom was the thing I was most concerned about… It was probably the worst thing I could have seen… Gross, just gross.”

She volunteers to clean his bathroom. “I don’t want to wear jandals in the shower.”

While Vicky’s getting stuck into the cleaning – and stopping Mr Pigglesworth from eating a toothpaste tube – Andrew is buying her some bling in the city.

Andrew splashing some cash on his wife.

He settles on a topaz necklace and when he presents it to her she in not best pleased.

“I told you not to get me anything.”

She believes Andy is just trying to buy himself out of the problems they’ve had when the poor guy is just trying make amends.

Later in the episode we learn that Vicky has fled Andrew’s house after a party and has returned to her mum’s house.

Andrew turns up at her family home for a pre-arranged lunch and it’s all very awkward. While Andrew is getting on well with her family, Vicky just wants him to leave.

“He’s just so intense,” she tells her mum.

At home with Angel’s family and the blackboard of questions for Brett.

Lovebirds Angel and Brett use the home visit time to talk about life after the experiment. Angel is open to moving to Brett’s home town of Lincoln.

“If Brett’s there then what does it matter.”

Her family are spread around New Zealand and she takes Brett to meet some of them in Auckland.

Angel’s family have a blackboard full of questions for Brett to answer and he dazzles them all with his knowledge of Angel and her family.

By the end of the night her young nephews are referring to him as “Uncle Brett”. Aww!

On her visit to where Brett lives in Lincoln near Christchurch, Angel finds herself feeling right at home helping out at his workshop and joking with his workmates.

Brett’s mum gives her the biggest hug on her arrival and at dinner she’s gas-bagging with his sister Jade like they’re old mates.

She tells them that she feels like she “hit the jackpot” with Brett when they comment on how well they seem to be getting along.

It’s clear that Angel would be willing move to the end of the earth for her new husband.

“I came into this prepared to give up everything for someone because otherwise what’s the point.”

Ben and Aaron out for dinner with Aaron’s friends in Christchurch.

Meanwhile, Ben is accompanying Aaron to visit his hometown of Christchurch.

Ben is laying on the sarcasm and making it clear to Aaron that he would not consider for a moment living anywhere in New Zealand but Auckland.

While out for dinner with Aaron’s friends, Ben is on the receiving end of some heat about whether he is showing Aaron enough affection.

Ben responds that he is still getting his head around the fact that he’s married to Aaron but he’s committed to the experiment.

He tells the camera. “I’m quite proud of the fact that we’re still here. Both me and Aaron we made vows to each other and we committed to each other. As did other couples but obviously we have a little bit more backbone than other people… It’s not easy… carrying on this experiment but I made a commitment… and that’s why I’m still here.”

With Ben’s Auckland ‘Pretty Committee’.

On their visit to Ben’s home in Auckland, Aaron meets Ben’s friends and laughs with them about his personality traits.

Ben’s mate Theo comments that it seems like Aaron is “struggling to find his own feet” dealing with Ben’s big personality.

Ben again reiterates that he still isn’t attracted to Aaron, which is a concern to Aaron.

By the end of the episode Aaron is questioning whether it is worth pursuing the relationship if Ben is never going to be attracted to him.

“I had hoped that things would have progressed… what more can I do.”

Haydn in action at his wrestling show.

For Bel and Haydn, things are still frosty and the experts decide they aren’t ready for home visits as they still have serious issues of trust and communication to work on.

Bel comes along to Haydn’s wrestling show which seems to please him but we suspect that these two will be on the ropes again in coming episodes.

Bel with Haydn’s dad at his wrestling show.

The remaining couples will reunite again at a dinner in the next episode. We’re expecting fireworks!

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