Married at First Sight NZ: Arguments break out between couples at the dinner party

The show's producers break up the dinner party as tensions rise and another couple heads for splitsville.
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While New Zealanders were setting off fireworks for Guy Fawkes night, the couples on Married at First Sight were firing up some drama of their own on Sunday night.

With awkward tension, fights at the dinner table and a couple leaving the experiment, this episode was an emotional rollercoaster from start to finish.

The episode begins with a surprisingly happy Haydn and Bel at their apartment, considering the fact that they didn’t partake in the home visits.

Meanwhile, Vicky and Andrew get a visit from Ben.

Andrew and Vicky tell Ben that Bel had ignored them earlier.

“Bel was in the car downstairs before,” Andrew says.

“Yeah she was in the car but she didn’t get out of the car, like she stayed in the car till we walked straight past,” Vicky says.

“She looked right at me, but she just ignored us.”

“Oh hang on, maybe she’s back on with Haydn,” Ben says.

“So she’s not allowed to look at us and she’s not allowed to look at us anymore.”

Ben tells the camera that he’s sick of Bel and Haydn’s relationship.

“Haydn tried to cut her [Bel] off from even talking to us the whole time. We’re all quite just like, exhausted with them, like none of us are invested in the relationship anymore because it’s just like on off, on off,” he says.

Ben brings up Haydn and Bel coming to the dinner party, a chance for all the couple’s to come together again.

“It’ll be pretty fun if they come,” Ben says.

“I think it’s probably better if they don’t come, just because I know that there will be drama,” Vicky says.

Vicky, Ben and Andrew.

The lovebirds, Angel and Brett, have no worries about the dinner party but are curious to know who will come.

“It’s kinda hard to think about who’s actually going to be at the dinner party aye, because, if there’s anything about us, we never know anything that’s going on,” Angel says.

“I don’t want any drama tonight,” Brett says.

“I’ve been hoping everyone’s happy as larry, but I don’t know, we’ll just wait and see.”

“If there is, I’ll probably be mute actually,” says Angel.

This is why we love you two!

Angel and Brett never seem to get caught up in the drama.

Bel and Haydn chat about how the dinner party will go.

“What are you expecting from tonight, how do you think it’s gonna go?” Haydn asks.

“I don’t know, I’m just turning up for a nice glass of wine,” Bel responds.

“I’m just nervous I guess a little bit that yeah we are enjoying each others company but if someone were to come and take me away for a chat or something, I don’t wanna feel bad or made to feel guilty because I’m leaving you,” Bel says.

“They’ve had ample opportunity to talk to me and they haven’t, so they just want the drama, which is why they’re here, so I’m just not interested in it,” Haydn responds.

“As long as they stay in their lane I’ll be fine, as soon as they start messing with me or our relationship that’s when I’ll say something.”

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Ben and Aaron are feeling a bit flat after their home visits.

“I’m just exhausted, not like today, just in general,” Aaron says.

“It’s just been go go go, every single day, and I haven’t had a chance to just recharge, do you know what I mean?”

Ben changes the subject to talk about Bel ignoring Vicky.

“I’m not into the drama and the whole he said, she said,” Aaron tells the camera.

“She literally could have just been picking something up.”

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Ben and Aaron at their apartment.

The dinner party begins, Haydn and Bel are the first to arrive.

“Stay strong, stay positive and I know you talk about me positively and I do as well,” Bel says.

Aaron and Ben are chatting in their taxi on the way to the dinner party.

“He’s wronged a lot of people, someone needs to say something. Like no no no girlfriend, you don’t do that, you don’t try and f*** with my marriage, ” Ben says. Uh oh, here comes conflict.

Bel and Haydn at the dinner party.

Once everyone has arrived, the environment already feels tense.

Brett and Angel tell Bel and Haydn about their home visits.

“It was honestly awesome, we had the time of our lives,” Angel says.

“What about you guys?” Awkward…

“Ummm…” says Haydn.

After what seems likes forever, Bel finally speaks up.

“We went rock climbing! indoor rock climbing, we haven’t done a mountain yet, that’s the next stage,” she says.

“We do feel really empathetic towards them,” says Brett.

The couples take a seat at the table, Vicky and Ben go into the bathrooms to chat privately about Haydn and Bel.

“Interesting turn of events, isn’t it?” Vicky says.

“Like she went to watch his wrestling on the weekend.”

“Oh my god, his amateur wrestling. Adorable,” Ben replies.

“And I was like, ‘did you win?’ and he goes, ‘of course’,” says Vicky.

“Okay… [laughter] alright then… Cause you’re fighting people that are like, a quarter your size.”

The couples sat down at the dinner party.

After some small talk and awkward pauses, Aaron speaks up.

“I’m just gonna address the elephant in the room, you’re back,” Aaron says to Bel and Haydn.

”We never left mate,” Haydn responds.

“Who told you we exited?”

“Well you haven’t been at the apartment,” Aaron replies.

“No we’ve just been doing our own thing,” says Haydn.

Haydn and Bel talk among themselves.

Bel and Vicky go to the bathroom for a chat, it seems this is a recurring event of the night!

“Are you okay?” Vicky asks.

“I’ve never been in this position before,” Bel responds.

“When we walked in here like, everyone was kind of like, avoiding. I don’t want to feel like anyone was grumpy at me.”

Ben and Aaron begin to talk about Haydn to each other, while Haydn is sat across from them.

“Aw, ‘everybody left me’,” Ben says to Aaron in a mocking tone.

“I know he’s got no one to talk to now, is he literally just going to sit there and stare at the other direction the whole night?” Aaron replies. The boys laugh together.

Aaron gets up to go to the bathroom, and Ben moves over to sit next to Vicky.

He isn’t particularly happy once he arrives back.

“Ben and Vicky have swapped seats, and it was just like, ‘oh’,” he says.

Aaron looking over Ben and Vicky waiting for his seat back.

Brett and Angel chat to the others happily about their visits home but Vicky and Ben aren’t interested.

Vicky leans in to Ben.

“God, this conversation is so f***ing boring,” she says.

“So boring. It’s like reading the bible,” Ben replies.

Vicky whispering to Ben.

Vicky and Ben make a trip to the bathroom.

“Um, yeah, so I had a chat with Bel,” she says.

“And I was like, ‘are you okay?’ and she was like… [mocking tone] ‘not really’ she didn’t want to say anything on camera.”

“And what about how you weren’t allowed to speak to us?” Ben says.

The two chat about whether or not Bel told them that or someone else.

“Well you should bring it up because she said to me it wasn’t true,” Vicky says.

“Shall we say something? Alright it’s gonna happen, let’s go, let’s do this sh**,” Ben replies.

Vicky sits down and speaks up.

“Um Haydn, I just have a quick question for you, there’s been a bit of drama about you saying a few things about me and Ben, and I just want to know your reasoning behind it?”

Ben and Vicky confront Haydn.

Haydn brings up the two chatting on Instagram, and go back and forth on who said what.

“Haydn I heard you say to Vicky, at the cocktail party, that it’s ‘our little secret’,” says Ben.

“You’re full of sh** mate,” Haydn replies.

“Well I’m not, if you thought I had a problem before, well buckle up mate,” Ben says, followed by: “Shut it!” when Haydn attempts to speak.

“No, you shut it,” Haydn replies.

Bel begins to cry as the drama unfolds.

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Haydn tells Ben that he’s only here for fame and that he’s not even into Aaron. Ouch.

“Why don’t you two match?” Haydn says to Ben and Vicky.

“You’re messaging him [Aaron] saying ‘pull the pin, this guys a fake this guys this that and the other thing’,” Ben says, this time yelling.

“How are you saying i’m not real? you don’t know me.”

Haydn getting angry.

All the couples (aside from Brett and Angel who look very uncomfortable) are blaming each other for different things.

Haydn says that Aaron told him Ben is only in it for the fame, Ben begins to question Aaron in which Aaron says it’s not true.

“You’re apparently straight so let’s make sure your f***ing story is too,” Ben replies. Woah.

Haydn get angrier and asks Bel if she’s going to, “just sit there.” Bel, who is crying, doesn’t respond.

Even poor Brett tries to break it up saying they should act like adults, but nothing changes.

Eventually, the producer has to step in and tell everyone to go home. Talk about a horrible end to the night.

The producer steps in.

Haydn and Bel try to talk it out.

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“I’m pretty pissed off to be honest, I was having a really good night and then people start yelling and screaming,” Brett says.

“He’s like a toddler that sh** his pants at playschool, he’s like a gorilla that’s been cornered by two hotties,” Ben says about the fight with Haydn.

Meanwhile, who knows the future of Haydn and Bel at this point. Haydn is upset with Bel for not sticking up for him.

“What’s my voice gonna do Haydn?” she replies.

“He might feel like I don’t have his back,” Bel says.

“I should stick up for my husband, but I’m stuck, and I know I should, but I can’t, and I don’t know what do.”

The next day, the news arrives that Haydn and Bel didn’t return to their apartment, due to to the fact that they have left the experiment. It was inevitable…

Now with only three couples remaining, who knows what will happen next!

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