MAFS’ Jules Robinson reveals the cruel moment she was trolled on her honeymoon

It was a harsh come-down after the giddy highs of their wedding.
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Their love story has been nothing short of a fairytail. Married at First Sight Australia‘s Jules Robinson and Cameron Merchant have been riding a wave of love and unity ever since they locked eyes for the first time at opposite ends of the aisle.

From their romantic first dance to the moment MAFS fans everywhere rejoiced at – Cam getting down on one knee and proposing to Jules at the vow renewal – the made-for-each-other pair can wholeheartedly claim the title of the biggest success story ever to have come out of the show.

Aside from a couple of speed wobbles during filming including a tearful breakdown by Cam and the pressures of the drama of the show getting to Jules, nothing seemed to be able to break their inimitable happy spirit.

A few days into their marriage, while on honeymoon in New Zealand, they talked about the possibility of kids. It was a dream come true for Jules, who had sadly broken off her previous relationship because her partner didn’t want children.

When it came to their first few days as husband and wife, Jules described that time as “learning more about each other every day and connecting on so many levels.”

But as she has revealed in a new Instagram post, the honeymoon wasn’t all plain sailing. In fact, vicious trolls almost derailed it.

It all began with a newspaper article featuring paparazzi photos of their wedding. A friend of Jules’ sent the story to her while they were in the Bay of Islands. The initial elation of seeing photos of their wedding soon subsided, however, when they began to read the comments.

“Our wedding a few days before had been papped and the wedding and our identities had been leaked,” Jules explained.

“Of course the first few minutes was exciting! We hadn’t seen photos from our day and the article was actually really nicely written and whoever the pap was had passed on what he saw. Maybe love at first sight!”

But “stepping into the unknown and something so foreign,” they made what Jules described as a rookie mistake and started reading the comments.

“What a way to put a damper on our honeymoon,” she wrote. “Before anyone had heard me or had any insight on my character, who I am, I was judged for my body and the way I looked. It hurt,” the 37-year-old salon owner revealed.

Jules admits she “was a little shaken by the whole nastiness of it all.” So in true Taylor Swift fashion, they decided, on Cam’s insistence, to “shake it off.”

One of the endearing things Jules discovered about her new husband on that honeymoon was what she calls his “obsession” with Taylor Swift. So they donned clay masks, as you do, and danced around the room to TayTay’s feel-good hit.

Watch: Jules and Cam ‘shake it off’. Article continues below.

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As hurtful as the whole experience was, they were no doubt stronger for it. Because as Jules reveals it was in that moment, so early on in their relationship, that they vowed to never let outside influences get in the way of the two of them.

“All that matters is what goes on between us and we look after each other, and that’s just what we did and have done ever since,” she asserts.

Jules finished her post with a body positivity and anti-bullying message. “Here’s to having curves, having big hair, having a big bum!!! And thank you to my man for always making the bad better.

“I know everyone that took part on MAFS with us had some form of online trolling / bullying too. Some more than others. It has to stop. If you can’t be kind be quiet.”

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