Married at First Sight

Married at First Sight's Cameron Merchant's heartbreaking mental health confession

The loved-up groom admits there were days when he struggled to get out of bed.

Between whispering sweet nothings to wife Jules Robinson at dinner parties to professing his love at commitment ceremonies, Married at First Sight Australia groom Cameron Merchant has reached peak happiness – but it took some dark days to get there.
'I struggled with mental health issues,' Cameron confided to OK! magazine.
"I'd finished up my career and lost a big relationship, I didn't know where my career was going to go, I didn't have a relationship or my own family."
Cam admits a lack of stability sent him into a downward spiral. "I would wake up and I couldn't even put pants on. It was really tough," the 35-year-old revealed.
"I had achieved everything in my life, but two of the things missing were a partner and a family, and chasing those two things were the things that allowed me to get out of bed."
Thankfully, the chase is over for the loveable groom. Cam well and truly met his love match in 36-year-old Jules, and the pair have been kicking relationship goals ever since.
"We're both absolutely in love," he said. "We both came into it with open hearts and minds and we've been rewarded."
Cam and Jules were smitten from the moment they met.
It hasn't all been plain sailing on his MAFS journey though. Cam had a tearful breakdown on screen while talking about how much the drama of the show had affected he and Jules.
He faced a fair amount of social media ridicule from fans who didn't understand why he was so upset, but part of the reason for his breakdown was cut out in the editing process. Jules was quick to leap to her husband's defence, taking to Instagram to set the record straight.
"I'm absolutely saddened and angry at all the trolling done tonight regarding my husband showing his emotions," she wrote. "Honestly I truly believe that it is a sign of strength in a man to be able to cry."
"It wasn't just the experiment, my husband mentors young kids regarding mental health and he had some very VERY sad news. It was a build up of so many things. I'm proud of my husband. It's OK for men to cry."
Cam, too, addressed the incident in a separate Instagram post.
"I have been strong throughout, for my wife, my friends and for others but sometimes certain circumstances both within the experiment and outside life takes a small toll and we fall.. that's ok," he shared.
"No matter what we are all going through, stay strong, keep smiling, be kind to one another and the show will go on!"