Married At First Sight 15 shocking bombshells

Criminal ties, leaked texts and special contracts – is this the most controversial cast ever?!

Tahnee and Ollie’s baby joy

MAFS is only halfway through, but it appears Tahnee Cook, 27, and Ollie Skelton, 26, are already picking out baby names! The adorable pair has admitted to discussing “unique” baby names for their tot, with Ollie saying he’s already sold on the name Bobby. “Bobby Skelton – there’s something to it,” the Perth voice-over artist says.

Claire’s criminal family history

Jesse Burford, 30, may want to think twice before messing with his wife Claire Nomarhas after it’s been revealed she is related to a notorious convicted criminal! The Perth bride, 31, is the niece of Tasi Nomarhas, who was jailed for an horrific assault in 2018.

Harrison’s big diva behaviour

Harrison Boon’s diva antics are causing all kinds of trouble off camera too, with the bad boy’s attitude proving to be too much on the publicity trail. “Later, Harrison – what a loser,” Aussie radio host Matty Acton said after hanging up on the 32-year-old Sydney builder after he refused to answer a series of questions about the show.

‘Shy guy’ Rupert is really a party boy!

Dubbed MAFS’ “most awkward groom ever”, Rupert Bugden’s social media presence is leaving fans scratching their heads after a series of shirtless images of the ripped electrician began circulating online.

A friend also confirmed to the media that the 27-year-old’s “shy guy” act has been totally created by the show’s editing, saying, “Rupert loves to party and has always been confident.”

Duncan’s steamy dates with 2022 bride Carolina!

Duncan James, 36, has been spotted getting intimate with controversial former MAFS bride Carolina Santos, 37, from last year’s season! A fan of the show snapped pictures of the pair leaning in for a very cosy conversation in Sydney earlier this year, before leaving the bar together. A spy tells Woman’s Day, “It seemed like a date.”

Janelle busted breaking her contract

In a violation of her contract, Janelle Han, 28, has been busted promoting sponsored content on Instagram, despite being told not to by producers! The influencer was spruiking a camera light for BigSofti late last month.

Adam shuns the media!

Following his dramatic commitment ceremony walkout, Adam Seed, 35, has pulled out of all interviews, leaving radio hosts enraged. “He’s not playing ball!” fumed Aussie presenter Erin Molan. “Come

on, mate. You signed up, so front up! It’s just a TV show.”

Sandy’s shock texts to dan!

Sandy Jawanda let her true feelings towards husband Dan Hunjas known in a series of bombshell texts leaked to the media. The 36-year-old dental hygienist calls Dan, 42, a range of expletives in the exchange, which is said to have been the catalyst for their split. “I’m going home,” Dan replies. “I don’t need anything from this.”

Evelyn’s ties with Andrew!

While Evelyn Ellis’ future with husband Rupert remains to be seen, surely anything is better than Andrew Tate! Fans were left shocked when photos emerged recently of the 26-year-old intruder holidaying with the noted misogynist and alleged human trafficker in Thailand in 2016. Eek!

Janelle set to return in 2024?

Following the demise of her marriage this year, Janelle hopes to return to the show next season as she feels she was “completely stitched up” when experts picked out husband Adam. “If I could come back next year, I would say yes because I really was robbed of the experience,” the 28-year-old has declared.

Tayla and Hugo go rogue

In damning leaked footage, intruders Tayla Winter, 27, and Hugo Armstrong, 32, revealed producers stopped them from talking while the cameras were rolling in order to fit the show’s narrative arc. “We have not been able to talk privately,” says Tayla. “We’re checked on to see if we’re actually talking.”

It’s all fake! Harrison and Bronte’s secret pact

If you’re wondering what the incompatible Harrison and Bronte Schofield, 28, are still doing in the experiment, an on-set source tells us the couple has made “a secret pact at the beginning” to stay on the show and make the most of the platform for their businesses.

There will be a happy ending!

While MAFS isn’t exactly known for its success rate, Woman’s Day hears that at least two marriages have gone the distance this year – which is two more than last season – and these couples are waiting for the show to air so they can move in with each other!

Dan and Josh’s contract deals

Turns out Dan and Josh White managed to secure “tailored” contracts – unlike the rest of the cast. According to gossip website So Dramatic!, Dan was able to “negotiate really good terms in his contract” because he had friends in high places, while Josh, 40, had his “tailored” so he could go home to his kids at any time.

Cam moves on with Tayla!

With bride Lyndall Grace, 27, allegedly moving on with Josh, sources are now spilling that her groom Cameron Woods, 27, is now dating Tayla – and the pair are set to go travelling together. Honestly, we can’t keep up!

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