Harrison drags other grooms into his lies on Married At First Sight

''Harrison is pretending to be someone he's not, and I have proof.''

Season 10 of the infamously drama-filled reality TV show we love-to-hate is here.

And as expected, the very first episode of the 2023 season of Married At First Sight Australia packs a punch with a scandal that unfolds on one of the two wedding days we’re shown.

In the launch of the new season we saw Lyndall and Cameron tie the knot (they actually seem like a good matching…boring) and Bronte and Harrison say “I do” to each other.

Bronte and Harrison’s nuptials was where the real juice erupted, as we saw a friend of the bride pull Bronte away to drop a drama-filled bomb.

One of the 2023 Married At First Sight brides, Bronte. Image: Nine

But, as you know if you’ve watched even just one episode of MAFS, they save the juiciest moments for the end of the episode.

The show began with the hens and bachelor parties, where we got to meet all of season 10’s desperate singles – more on them here.

And with the first moment we met Harrison, we knew he was trouble (when he walked in… Swiftie fans will get it).

The tradie was quick to admit that, “girls think I’m hot… so if you find a better guy, I’ll beat him by 10%.”

So it was no surprise when we discover his big secret later on at his nuptials to poor Bronte.

Tradie Harrison is a 2023 MAFS groom that is sure to cause trouble. (Image: Nine)

Bronte, an online beauty educator from WA, appears to be genuine in her search for love, with the 28-year-old saying she is looking for “old-fashioned love”

When speaking to TV WEEK, Bronte said she was “so lost, so confused” in her early twenties, and was hurt “many times” by men she was dating.

“I’ve admitted to letting guys walk all over me because I didn’t know my worth,” she divulged.

Bronte put on a brave face at the wedding after she was told some upsetting information about Harrison. (Image: Nine)

The wedding between Bronte and Harrison got off to a very positive start, with both bride and groom feeling attraction towards one another.

Bronte got good vibes from her future husband, saying, “he just made me feel super calm straight away”, whilst Harrison was very complimentary of his bride, “Bronte legitimately blew me away. She’s absolutely stunning.”

But after the blissful vows, the reception came, and with that came the time for a friend of Bronte to pull her away to share some prior knowledge she has about Harrison.

It begun with the line, “Harrison is pretending to be someone he’s not, and I have proof.”

Bronte’s face when the dirt on Harrison was dished. (Image: Nine)

The wedding guest goes on to tell Bronte that she has a friend who has been dating Harrison for the past month and a half.

Harrison has told this ‘other woman’ that he will be returning to her after the show ends.

And in case you just think this is the producers meddling, the friend had proof in the form of screenshots of the text conversation Harrison was having with this supposed girlfriend of his.

Bronte understandably confronts Harrison. His response? “I was seeing a number of girls before this. I was a single guy in Sydney.”

He goes on to say he wasn’t in a relationship with them, and then admitted that he “connected” with someone he had a crush on a week before he entered the show.

But, according to Harrison, he told this crush that he wanted to give the experiment 100%.

This romance didn’t last very long… (Image: Nine)

During the first dinner party for 2023, Harrison was challenged by fellow bride Melinda, which he clearly didn’t enjoy.

“I don’t appreciate being attacked like that,” he told the camera crew.

However, Melinda’s points struck a chord with Bronte as she realised his excuses weren’t quite air-tight. Despite tearing up, Harrison never confided or apologised to his new wife but rather bought her a little cupcake which she didn’t appreciate.

“I didn’t know you were crying,” he told Bronte. “What do I have to apologise for?”

“Its amazing, you’ve turned this entire thing into something about Bronte… I’m also going through a lot of things at the moment.”

He continued to turn the conversation around, asking what effort Bronte was putting into the relationship. After just a few minutes of living together, the pair already moved into separate apartments.

The commitment ceremony arrived and Harrison hopes that the experts would hold Bronte accountable was quickly shut down as they questioned his true intentions, saying he had been minimising the scandal from the moment he sat down.

“I kinda resent the idea that I don’t deserve the opportunity to have a relationship because of what I was doing a week before coming into here,” he said.

“My attitude was I’m not going to stop living my life going up to essentially an experiment with someone I’ve never met before. I just didn’t feel the need to be faithful to someone I didn’t even know.”

The groom let it slip the mystery girl he was seeing before entering the experiment even helped him pack his bags! And he was even talking to her on the day of his wedding.

Bronte was blindsided by Harrison’s decision to leave despite texting her before the commitment ceremony, saying: “I’m not going anywhere.” Harrison then said his wife was trying to twist the story, leaving Bronte wishing she wrote leave during the ceremony.

“Your gaslighting me… you put words in my mouth,” he said. “I won’t allow Bronte to play the victim.”

Bronte responded: “You’re a narcissist Harrison.”

“Your bathing in Windex mate, I literally see right through you.”

“I’m not alone.” (Image: Nine)

As part of intimacy week’s challenge, Harrison planned a date with Bronte – in which she quickly declined.

“Whether she likes it or not, Bronte and I are still gonna go on this date,” he said.

He certainly got his wishes, but it wasn’t what we expected. He grabbed a framed photo from the pairs wedding day to Barangaroo where they shared a glass of wine. Points for creativity!

“I’m not alone. I’ve got my wife with me,” he said.

The following day, Bronte came forward reveal she wanted to move on and start fresh in order to mend the relationship. Harrison responded he wouldn’t hold anything she has done in the past against her.

“She’s done the right thing,” he said. “I just need to see that commitment from Bronte.”

Harrison was stressed! (Image: Nine)

However, Harrison has showed his true colours once again and Bronte has turned a blind eye.

A scandal erupted initially involving fellow groom Dan, who allegedly got a girls phone number while at a bar with Harrison. However, it was actually Harrison!

After trying to worm his way out of taking the blame, he eventually revealed the truth to Bronte that he had taken the phone number of a girl who approached him at the bar but deleted is straight away. Bronte completely trusted his story as “girls are gonna find him attractive” and she is secure.

Meanwhile, Sandy is left heartbroken and wondering if she can trust her husband, Dan.

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