Married At First Sight’s Janelle hits back ‘Adam is dead to me’

The beauty influencer reveals why she confronted her cheating hubby

Janelle Han is hit with a bombshell this week – her husband Adam Seed has betrayed her. Viewers are about to see her change from, as she puts it, a “doormat” to a “full bad bitch”.

In Married At First Sight Australia, Adam and Janelle begin the week in a good place. After a rocky start to their marriage, where Adam admitted he’d cheated in a previous relationship and then got upset when Janelle asked him about his job, things had settled down.

“I learnt very early on that he’s very sensitive – and he’s very defensive,” tells Janelle, 28. “I ended up being a doormat just to make this relationship work.”

The Perth beauty influencer says she saw “a few red flags”, but she pushed them aside, thinking she’d regret it if she didn’t give the marriage her best shot.

“We spent so much time together,” she tells. “We’d go shopping together. We bought goldfish together – like, we had our own babies.

“We were intimate quite a lot. There was no reason for me not to trust him, especially because we were so intimate. My feelings were definitely growing stronger each day.”

But in this week’s episodes, Adam’s betrayal is exposed and he’s forced to admit the truth about it to Janelle.

“I was crushed,” she says. “I felt so betrayed. But the strange part was, I felt relieved. It basically validated how I felt. I was like, ‘OK, I don’t have to put up with this any more.'”

Janelle decides to confront Adam about what he’s done at the dinner party, rather than in private.

“I knew that if I tried to confront him, he was going to gaslight me, not accept accountability and was going to somehow manipulate me into coming back,” she explains. “He didn’t deserve that.”

Janelle says she went into the dinner party determined to hold Adam to account.

“He was absolutely dead to me – no coming back. I knew the right thing was to not tolerate this and I just went full bad bitch, honestly.”

Janelle says the news of Adam’s betrayal had a “huge impact” on the group in the relationship experiment.

“Some of the boys were defending Adam, while some of the girls were defending me,” she recalls.

“It caused rifts in a few relationships.”

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