The youngest couple in the history of Married At First Sight Australia have walked down the aisle

Are Ollie and Tahnee ready for true love?

There’s nothing like young love to warm our cynical hearts, and this years Married At First Sight Australia couple Ollie and Tahnee are making history as the youngest couple to ever join the experiment.

While other couples are jetting off for their honeymoon, Tahnee, 27, and Ollie, 26, are preparing to say “I do” to a complete stranger.

The pair are ready for a long-term romance! (Image: Nine)

But the experts may have gotten it right this time after the newly weds both have the same mentality to online dating, it’s terrible.

“Modern dating, its tough,” Ollie said. “We’ve got hundreds of people potentially at a flick of a finger. I’ve been ghosted, so I’m not on any of the apps.”

Tahnee shared her new husband’s mentality after revealing she had been treated badly and can no longer trust people on apps.

“I do think I am a catch; I really do. But no one else seems to,” she joked.

“Modern dating, its tough.” (Image: Nine)

When Tahnee finally walked down the aisle, Ollie couldn’t wipe the cheeky smile off his face as he took in his new wife. In their vows, they even bonded over their obsession with take-out food.

No drama and no skeletons in the closet, just easy and hopeful love. At least for now.

After an incredible wedding reception, Tahnee and Ollie took off to Fiji for their honeymoon. And we found another aspect the two can bond over, their clumsiness.

They are seriously uncoordinated – in a completely adorable way – after trying and failing to get into a hammock, falling repeatedly off a paddle board and were lucky to hit the ball while playing tennis.

But one activity they did succeed in is staying still as they received a massage. The whole time Ollie’s eyes were focused on his new bride.

So the real question is, will these Gen-X lovers survive the challenges? Are they truly ready to settle down?

Although only time can tell as we follow this adorable pair through the experiment, but something tells us that this could be something special (or perhaps we are hopeless romantics ourselves).

It seems there is no ending these two as beared their hearts to each other during the final vows. But we aren’t surprised after the pair were spotted being lovey-dovey in Bondi Beach after filming had ended.

The next stage for Tahnee and Ollie were the three magic words, ‘I love you’ which the couple have confirmed they’ve said.

“We were in bed together and I think I said, ‘Do you love me?’ and she said, ‘Yeah I do’,” Ollie revealed to 9Now.

“I said, ‘Well I love you, too,’ and she said ‘I love you.’ Then, I ran around the house. I was giddy!”

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