Claire comes clean to Jesse on Married At First Sight

Is this the end of the drama for Claire and Jesse?

The second episode of Married At First Sight Australia 2023 featured two unique pairings that are both sure to make some waves in the tenth season – but for very different reasons.

Claire, 31, and Jesse, 30, seem like a match made in heaven given their loud personalities.

Jesse popped with his pink suit. (Image: Nine)

Jesse swapped his spot in a heavy metal band to become a marriage celebrant, who officiates in the style of a rock star. Meanwhile Claire, was raised in a “chaotic Greek household where yelling is the norm” according to Nine.

All the fears washed away for the pair as soon as they locked eyes. During their vows they even bonded over their clicking jaws!

“We are so weird,” Claire said.

It was incredibly brave when Jesse began to tear up during his vows, confessing his job only made him realise the “lack of love” in his life. Claire did not shy away from his emotion, but rather softly wiped his tears away.

But this spot in MAFS paradise did not last forever, let alone a few hours as Jesse began to get the ick…

During the episode, Jesse began to list his never ending number of icks, including “star sign chicks”. When Claire popped the “when is your birthday?” question, the 30-year-old’s face visibly dropped; queue the dramatic music!

“If I get the ick, I can start to find everything unbelievably annoying,” Jesse said.

We could practically see the wheels behind Jesse’s eyes grinding as Claire handed him a crystal, selected just for him given the huge life transformation the pair were undergoing.

And just as we thought this relationship was completely doomed, Jesse seemingly showed he was ready to overcome his ick.

“I’m not going to hate on someone else’s passion, especially my brand-new wife,” he said.

“If it means something to you, then it means something to me.”

But wait, we aren’t off this rollercoaster just yet! The ick began to return as Jesse realised his wife was energetic, loud and chatty. Even going as far as to “shoosh” his new wife, which made Claire rightfully question the relationship.

Despite Jesse’s flaws, Claire kept reaching out her hand in an effort to truly give this experiment a try. But all in one sitting, Jesse mended their relationship and ruined it after telling his bride “I don’t chase girls”.

And so the pair walked into the dinner party separately, with Jesse the clear villain to everyone except himself. At one point he even called out Bronte!

“Bronte is 100% the enemy. I would rather have a date with my toaster in the bathtub, than have to listen to her speak,” he said.

Claire began to question herself. (Image: Nine)

Upon arriving to their living quarters separately, Jesse was immediately unimpressed with his new living arrangements.

“I think this is some b——t,” he said. “This is a Claire type of apartment… the décor will give Claire a lot to talk about that’s for sure.”

While we believed there was no redemption for these two, somehow confessions week somewhat mended their relationship as Jesse revealed he was mistreated in a previous relationship, where he was kept secret for two years.

Claire consoled him as Jesse teared up and explained how that trauma has since impacted his approach to dating. It was believed to be smooth sailings from here, until a cheating scandal erupted. The 2023 contestants all went to the pub to blow off some steam, when Jesse noticed Claire getting touchy with fellow groom, Adam.

“The point where it became a problem for me was when they left the table, the two of them, to go outside and to be alone,” Jesse further said his new bride then went missing.

“You and I are impossible.” (Image: Nine)

“She eventually walks in the door, she’s got the phone on loud speaker and I heard this big bellowing laugh, a typical Adam-like laugh and I said ‘who are you on the phone with?'”

What followed was a major argument involving Jesse demanding to see Claire’s phone and banging on Adam’s door pushing for the truth. The next day Claire alleged her husband was very aggressive and swore at her.

“You don’t own me, I’m not your possession,” she told him. “I’ve let you disrespect me one too many times.”

Jesse responded: “I do resent that I am made to feel like I’m the crazy one. Like I’m the insecure, jealous one.”

“You and I are impossible.”

They were the first couple on the couch for the commitment ceremony. While Claire stayed quiet while Jesse and Adam hashed out their disagreement, she did reveal she was on the phone to her friend and her boyfriend who were dog-sitting while Claire was on the experiment.

Things were momentarily resolved, until Lyndall let out a massive truth bomb! Telling the contestants: “I don’t think Jesse is entirely wrong in what he assumed.”

Lyndall revealed Adam asked her not go home because if she went, he would “go home with Claire.” Adam apologised to the group, but Jesse’s fears were seemingly confirmed. The groom wanted to leave the experiment, but Claire’s decision to stay means the drama continues.

Claire wants her husband to step up after the commitment ceremony. (Image: Nine)

Afterwards the pair continued to live separately, but the beginning of intimacy week may have just marked the beginning of Jesse’s redemption arc.

Their date wasn’t anything wildly romantic, it was an opportunity to be playful and have fun! Something the pair haven’t done since their wedding day. Upon being asked if he regretted staying by Claire, Jesse said: “I guess part of me is grateful that I’m still here because I want to learn more about you.”

Relationship expert, Alessandra gave them another task where the couple embraced each other in a long hug. It took a moment for Jesse to stop cringing from the physical intimacy, but the pair both settled after a few minutes.

Jesse’s attempts to redeem himself didn’t stop there as he apologised to Janelle and Adam with champagne and chocolate in hand. But it turns out Jesse’s cheating suspicions turned out to be correct!

Claire has been sitting on a major secret. (Image: Nine)

She couldn’t hide the secret any longer after Jesse said he was growing true feelings towards her and she sought out fellow bride Sandy for help, revealing she had kissed Adam.

During an intruder’s wedding reception, Claire was physically sick holding in the secret. Afterwards, she pulled Jesse aside.

“I’ve broken your trust… that night that we all went out, and Adam and I went outside… we kissed,” she said.

Despite being shattered by the news, Jesse broke out into a sarcastic laugh. Now he cannot wait to talk to Adam, or the “snake” as Jesse called him.

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