MAFS expert Dr Trisha Stratford finds the love of her life

''I got a call from a friend in New Zealand. She said, ‘I know someone who’d be really good for you!’ She’d been trying to set us up for two years.''

By Joshua Joynes
For four years, Dr Trisha Stratford has helped others find love as one of the relationship experts on both the Kiwi and Aussie versions of Married at First Sight. But now she's been struck by Cupid's arrow herself!
The Wellington-born, Sydney-based neuro-psychotherapist revealed to Woman's Day last year that she was dating an Auckland businessman named Roger and that she planned to move back to Aotearoa for him. And things are now so serious, she's introduced us to her new bloke.
Speaking of how they met, Trisha reveals, "I got a call from a friend in New Zealand. She said, 'I know someone who'd be really good for you!' She'd been trying to set us up for two years."
Then another mate heard Trisha interviewed on radio. "He happened to be having lunch with Roger the next day, and suggested he and I would get on well.
So Roger picked up the phone and invited me out for coffee. He jumped on a plane to Sydney, we had the coffee and the rest, as they say, is history!"
There was an instant spark between them on that first date in February 2018. Trisha recalls, "When we met, it was so natural, we had to give each other a hug – we had such energy."
They've been inseparable ever since, although Trisha adds that navigating her new relationship while guiding couples on MAFS is a "surreal experience".
Trisha with fellow MAFS experts Mel Schilling and John Aiken.
She says, "We're clearly older, so we're a lot more chill and relaxed. We love going to museums, we both buy art and we're active – we're into cycling, we love walking and we go to the beach."
Roger is equally besotted, gushing, "Trisha has total openness. There are no blocks, which I've never experienced in a relationship before."
When it comes to their families, everybody is happy, tells Trisha. Roger's three sons and Trisha's daughter are all fond of each other. In fact, they're all heading to France in July for a holiday. "We're going cycling for two weeks for an amazing family holiday," the TV star tells.
The future looks bright for the loved-up pair, with Trisha admitting, "There's passion, commitment and emotional intimacy – three underpinnings for a good relationship."

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