MAFS’ Elizabeth and Bronson speak out about the affair between Sam and Ines

''They would act sweet to my face and then tear me apart behind my back. I think they're disgusting.''
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Viewers hoping for a repeat of last season’s Dean, Davina and Tracey love triangle on Married At First Sight Australia are getting more than they bargained for this year as Ines sets her sights on Elizabeth’s husband, Sam.

After a nightmare honeymoon with husband Bronson, Ines secretly contacted the Sydney-based tradie via social media.

Her feelings appear to be reciprocated, with Sam admitting Ines, 28, is more his type than Elizabeth.

“The temptation is there,” he says. “It’s a sticky situation. Where do I go from here?”

But while Elizabeth is committed to making her marriage with Sam work, the 27-year-old isn’t holding back on what she really thinks about the betrayal.

“They belong with each other,” she told TV WEEK. “They would act sweet to my face and then tear me apart behind my back. I think they’re disgusting.”

Elizabeth says Ines had it in for her from day one. On their first meeting, Ines said she could “totally” understand why Elizabeth was single.

“I feel sorry for Sam,” Ines later said. “I can totally understand why he doesn’t want to be with her [Elizabeth]. She’s so annoying. He’s so hot. I could really see us hooking up. It’s an experiment – and we’re here to experiment!”

“There was something about me that rubbed her up the wrong way,” Elizabeth explains. “She just kept going and going. But she’d never say anything to my face.

“It’s appalling how a woman can turn on another woman like that. She doesn’t care about other people, and she has no real interest in working at a relationship.”

Ines was not a fan of Elizabeth from day one.

As for Sam, Elizabeth says she’s “embarrassed” for him. Despite telling her he didn’t want to “disrespect” her at the first commitment ceremony, Elizabeth says her husband was “full of crap” and their relationship was doomed from the start.

“He’s clearly not there to find love, and it’s disheartening,” she says. “To him, I was fat, disgusting and disrespectful, so he just wanted to abort the mission. I’ve never encountered anyone like that in my life. He’s a slimy character.”

The ‘fat’ comment Elizabeth is referring to is when Sam body shamed her at their wedding, saying he’d “never really dated girls as big as Elizabeth in the past,” going on to suggest that he could perhaps “get her running in the morning”.

Watch: Sam’s body shaming comments about Elizabeth. Story continues below.

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Elizabeth says she doesn’t even care if Sam and Ines decide to take things further than just a few flirty messages.

“I’d make the bed for them!” she laughs.

With Sam and Ines laying the foundations for the show’s biggest cheating scandal ever, it prompts the question: would Elizabeth consider doing a husband swap and continuing in the experiment with Bronson?

“He’s very good-looking,” she admits. “But I would never do that – I don’t condone that cheating behaviour. He’s a beautiful guy, but I have a moral compass – unlike Ines!”

Bronson, 34, shares the same view.

“Elizabeth is amazing, but I wouldn’t look at another person’s wife,” he says.

Speaking about Sam and Ines’ behaviour, Bronson says he just wishes they’d be honest with him and Elizabeth.

“I was a bit hurt, but you can’t be angry at a shark for biting you,” the former stripper explains.

“A shark is a shark – you stay out of the bloody water.

“I wish she’d told me to get out of there a lot sooner. If she wants to see Sam, good on her, but don’t drag me through the mud and waste my time.

“They’re suited to each other because they have that mentality where they don’t care about anyone else. Sam could have come up to me too and had a yarn. What he did was very disrespectful and definitely a bro-code violation!”

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