Unhappy and drained: MAFS’ Jules Robinson reveals she was close to quitting the experiment

''Everything we were a part of felt like it was becoming a bit of a joke.''
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Jules Robinson’s marriage to Cameron Merchant is going from strength to strength on Married At First Sight. She has often talked about how she believes Cam was “tailor made” for her, and they’ve already made plans to move in together after the show finishes. But behind closed doors, Jules reveals she was close to quitting the experiment.

After breaking down in tears ahead of the last commitment ceremony, Jules says it all became too much and she “didn’t want to be there” anymore.

“I’d had enough of the drama and the toxicity,” she explains to TV WEEK.

“There was so much nastiness going on. I felt really unhappy and was just drained. Everything we were a part of felt like it was becoming a bit of a joke.”

The “nastiness” she was referring to has stemmed from the cheating scandals that have rocked the experiment. First, the confrontation on the Gold Coast between Elizabeth and Ines, when the rumour mill went into overdrive about Sam and Ines’ secret hookups. And more recently, Cyrell calling Jess out for saying she wanted to sleep with Dan.

Jules singles out blonde beauty Jess for hitting on other husbands, saying, “It was so blatant. It was disgraceful, the sexual manner, but nothing surprises me about her behaviour,” she told Woman’s Day.

Jules and Cam have decided to keep out of the drama and focus on their relationship.

Jules hasn’t held back on voicing her opinions when she feels something isn’t right: she questioned Ines over her feelings for Sam and also called out Jess for choosing to stay in the experiment with Mick when their relationship was clearly over. But she insists she’s not one for confrontation and that being caught in the crossfire made her feel “yucky”.

“From that moment on, we [Cam and I] decided we wouldn’t be involved in anyone else’s drama,” she says.

That might be easier said than done. With Jess and Dan’s affair heating up, the truth is bound to come out sooner rather than later.

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