Adam’s betrayal leaves Janelle heartbroken on Married At First Sight Australia 2023

We don't know what to think...

Married At First Sight Australia season ten has introduced some peculiar couples, while some seem strong enough to survive the experiment, we cannot figure out Janelle and Adam.

While the pair hit it off from the moment they laid eyes on each other, skeletons in their closet were quickly revealed which may have hindered their ability to trust each other.

From the very beginning, it was made clear Janelle valued family and career more than anything, especially given her ex-partner’s supposed lack of drive.

“For Asian culture, it’s really important that they have really good stable career,” she revealed.

However, Adam’s career seems to be… a little confusing. The 35-year-old is an entrepreneur from Queensland who began a “start-up business” or otherwise described as a “competition business” in London with his friend.

“Over in the UK, me and my mate just started up a little start-up business where we just have like cool prizes and stuff like that, like TVs, tickets to festivals all that sort of stuff,” he told Janelle.

Janelle is a beauty influencer from Western Australia. (Image: Nine)

Tensions began to rise when Adam believed it was a red flag that Janelle was so concerned about his income, despite previously noting she would stay “open minded.”

“Don’t make me feel like I’ve got nothing when you don’t know me,” Adam told the camera crew.

Janelle in the past she had to “mother” her partners who weren’t driven, her brother described his career as “hustler’s university.”

It wasn’t the only opinion Janelle’s two brothers shared about the whole relationship, as they interrogated Adam during the reception regarding ‘mistakes’ brought up during his wedding vows.

When asked about his past, Adam revealed without hesitation that he had cheated on his girlfriend, in which he was engaged to at the time. Janelle later discovered the truth after her meddling brothers warned her to be careful.

“My head is telling me ‘once a cheater, always a cheater’ but at the same time I’m not the same person I was 10 years ago and he probably isn’t either,” she said.

Janelle even asked her brothers: “Why are you planting doubt in my mind?”.

Although family acceptance is important to Janelle, it will be interesting to see how these two connect outside of other people’s opinion. But now suspicions have been raised after a cheating scandal has spread involving Adam and Claire, who is wed to Jesse.

Janelle isn’t feeling the heat and trusts her partners intentions. However, during confessions week Adam seemed particularly nervous to hand over his phone after Jesse accused him of talking to Claire on the phone the night before.

And somehow the pair came to the conclusion to not complete the challenge and therefore stay away from each other’s phone. However, Janelle told Today Extra she felt “stupid” after watching a very anxious Adam.

“I just feel numb.” (Image: Nine)

“Looking back at the footage from last night, I honestly just think I’m stupid,” she said. “Because I didn’t see how s–t scared he was.”

But throughout the scandal, Janelle stayed by her partner’s side and supported him, which turned out to be her downfall after Claire confirmed to Jesse his suspicions were correct and they had kissed. Adam was ultimately forced to reveal the truth after Jesse confronted him, but he essentially blamed the kiss on the fact that he and Janelle “were not in a good place.”

Janelle responded: “Weren’t we in a good place then though?”

After walking out and seeking Jesse’s help, Janelle said she felt “numb” and felt like “he is trying to blame [her]” for the cheating scandal. Not long afterwards, Adam was kicked out of the apartment.

“Janelle’s got every reason to kick me out of the apartment. But the night that Claire and I kissed, we were not in a good place at all and I don’t think we would have got to the place that we’re at right now had I told her at the time,” Adam said.

Janelle slept on the couch, took off her wedding ring and denied Adam’s request for a “chat”. But we cannot wait for Janelle to seek her own justice as she revealed: “He’s not coming out of this unscathed.”

“It was 3 weeks ago… get over it.” (Image: Nine)

The dinner party was an opportunity for Adam to clear the air and apologise, but rather he played the blame game and left Janelle distraught and confused. Before he left for the dinner party, he told the cameras that people needed to “get over” the cheating scandal.

“There’s a lot of stuff that happened with me and Janelle at the start of our relationship that none of yous know about. Things had happened on our honeymoon, things had been said,” he began.

“It wasn’t a real relationship, the last two weeks has been a real relationship…. and I just wanted to get out of the experiment because I didn’t wanna be here.”

Adam further confessed he wouldn’t admit to cheating because in his belief he didn’t. But according to Adam, Janelle will never “own up” about the “s–t start to the relationship.”

After listening to excuses, Janelle was ready to reveal her truth and as she began to tear up, her husband laughed. To everyone’s horror, she then revealed the same night Adam kissed Claire, he returned to the apartment and had sex with Janelle.

It was clear to fellow contestants that Adam held no empathy for his wife and this mentality continued as they entered the commitment ceremony where Adam said his “voice didn’t get heard at all.”

Janelle was heartbroken by the “lack of an apology” and decided to leave the experiment. Meanwhile, Adam understood he had hurt Janelle and also wrote leave.

The groom then stormed out of the experiment without saying goodbye, and no one was eager to follow him out.

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