MAFS' Dean Wells moves on from Tracey Jewel with a new mystery woman

It might be a new relationship, but they're already looking pretty cosy.

By Chloe Lal
Dean Wells famously got dumped by Tracey Jewel at the last hurdle of Married At First Sight. But the brutal TV moment hasn't stopped our favourite part-time rapper from singing his best note to a new flame.
And it would appear the reality star would subtly like to inform his well-wishers that he is once again a faithful, taken man.

The 40-year-old shared on Instagram a snap, with his fellow MAFS family including Nasser Sultan, Ashley Irvin, Justin Fischer (who are now dating) and Blair Rachael.
But the focus for most of the people was the smiling brunette beauty, who Dean had his arms firmly wrapped around.
The social media savvy man tagged all his co-stars, hashtagged things like coconut oil (a reference to Nasser calling out Davina in the reunion show) but made no mention of his lady friend.
Dean and ex-wife Tracey.
Of course comments flooded through with questions.
"Who's Dean's girl?"
Another asked, "Who's the new flame, Dean? Loving it! Kisses... we want to see kisses!"
While one person penned, "You are very handsome there, Dean, with a beautiful girl in your arms. It is great that you are happy."
No doubt Dean will share a series of snaps and Instagram stories teasing out his new plot twist...
And like his MAFS fans, we're here for it!
Meanwhile, his ex-wife Tracey seems to be the picture of happiness with her man and Blair's ex Sean Thomsen, with talks that they're even going to star in a MAFS spin-off series.