There could be another MAFS couple swap on the cards as Jess sets her sights on Dan

Not content with telling Nic she fancied him, now Dan is in the firing line.
MAFS Jessika

As if one couple swap wasn’t enough – with Sam Ball and Ines Basic’s affair coming to light in last week’s explosive commitment ceremony – it looks like there could very well be some more bed-hopping going on. That’s if Jessika Power gets her way.

Just when it looked like things seemed to be going well with her on-screen husband Mick, Jess dropped a bombshell at the last dinner party, telling an unsuspecting Nic Jovanovic that she’d developed feelings for him.

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Nic made it abundantly clear he’s not interested, telling her there’s nothing he’d do to jeopardise his marriage. So now, Jess has turned her attention towards someone else.

Two new couples entered the experiment this week – Dan and Tamara and Billy and Susie. But it’s 35-year-old single dad Dan who has caught Jess’ eye.

“Dan just ticks all my boxes,” the 26-year-old told TV WEEK.

Jess says her relationship with Mick, 31, is “deteriorating quite rapidly” at this point in the experiment, but she’s keen to make it work.

“We’ve been through some crazy times together and I would hate to walk away,” she says.

But Jess can’t deny her physical attraction to Dan. She insists, though, that she wouldn’t make a move on another bride’s husband − no matter how much she fancied them.

“I’d never walk over another woman to get to a man!” she says.

Her exchange with him at the dinner party, however, tells a different story, as she flirted up a storm, even unlacing part of her dress in front of him at one point.

Jess says things have deteriorated with Mick.

Dan comes with his fair share of controversy. It was revealed last week that he was facing charges over a multi-million dollar scam.

According to Nine News Queensland, he was charged with aggravated fraud after allegedly taking part in a huge telemarketing scam on the Gold Coast, which reportedly robbed $20 million from innocent local families.

A source tells Now to Love that as part of his bail conditions Dan had to “check in at the police station every fortnight and had to fly home from filming MAFS to undertake these check in to ensure he wasn’t breaching his conditions.”

Dan and Tamara on their wedding day.

Meanwhile, it has recently come to light that Elizabeth, who was disastrously matched with Sam, dated Nic before the show.

“Nic and Lizzie actually matched on Tinder before they were cast on MAFS and started messaging each other,” a source told Woman’s Day.

“Nic was super-keen on her and asked her out on a date immediately.”

The pair were apparently dating for a while before the relationship fizzled out and they stopped contact altogether. That is, until their paths crossed again during the first MAFS dinner party, leaving them both absolutely “gobsmacked”.

“They were shocked when they saw each other but introduced themselves and began chatting as if they were total strangers. Nic, who married Cyrell on the show, eventually addressed the elephant in the room and said, ‘Oh my God, I’ve met you before, I know you from somewhere.'”

It’s a small world after all.

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