“I cried myself to sleep.” MAFS’ Ashley admits the experiment took a toll on her mental health

Even watching the show makes poor Ash anxious.
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Her relationship with her Married At First Sight husband Troy Delmege has been full of ups and downs.

Now, Ashley Irvin tells TV WEEK the drama of their pairing made her an emotional mess. “I cried myself to sleep every night,” the usually bubbly 28-year-old says.

“At one point, I felt like the whole of Australia was against me and hated me – and that took a toll on me.”

Troy and Ashley didn’t quite hit it off.

While Troy’s odd behaviour has been the subject of much speculation online, Ashley reveals she’s had her fair share of negativity too.

“Troy and I don’t bring out the best in each other,” the flight attendant admits.

“But I wasn’t expecting the backlash and how mean some people can be online.”

Ashley says the experiment made her feel very reactive.

“It showed the worst side of me,” she explains. “You can’t trust your reactions.”

Ashley admits the experiment has left her emotionally drained.

The former tennis prodigy also confesses she’s struggling to watch the show go to air.

“I get anxiety before every episode,” she says.

“I never know if they’ll edit out most of what Troy has done and just make me look crazy.”

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