Which Married At First Sight Australia stars are still friends after the experiment?

Drama brings out the worst in us but these friendships made it through
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Married At First Sight Australia is the home of friendships bonded by love and drama… or it can completely divide its participants.

There are some strong characters in the 2024 season, but who really among the participants are friends in and outside of the MAFS experiment?

Bonding off-screen

Of the participants spotted in public by paparazzi, it teased what drama could be coming and what has already happened.

Most recently, Timothy was spotted with Andrea – who was paired with Richard whose relationship failed late-experiment – shopping and running errands together with a young woman suspected to be Andrea’s daughter Evie. Yahoo Lifestyle has reported the pair have been “spending an increasing amount of time together.” So are they just friends or is their relationship romantic as many fans have begun to speculate? At the moment, neither parties have confirmed or denied being in a romantic relationship.

Also spotted out in public was Lauren and Sara, snapped strutting the street and going on BFF dates without their fellow blonde MAFS cadre, Eden and Tori, teasing the upcoming feud within the group.

Eden exposed some explosive secret involving her ‘friend’ Sara who met up with her ex-partner – cue the first cheating scandal of the season.

Tori and Lauren were also thick as thieves in the beginning of the experiment. But Lauren’s consistent arguing with her husband Jack caused a definitive divide between them. It was the seventh dinner party when they friendship became unfixable.

Jono & Stephen.

“You know what I’m going to be real with you all, after this, no one at this table – maybe [Lauren] at the beginning – I would want to spend time with after this experiment,” Tori claimed. “None.”

Lauren, hurt by her ‘friends’ admission, told the crew: “I just can’t believe she would say something that cruel. It’s not good, my friendship with Tori is completely fractured.”

Despite not being seen together, they all still follow each other on Instagram.

Timothy and Tristan

While speaking on Fitzy & Wippa with Kate Ritchie, Lauren revealed she is “really food friends with Timothy and Tristan.”

The sweetest pair of friends to come out of MAFS 2024, is between Timothy and Tristan who dubbed themselves ‘father and son.’ The pair even had matching jumpers!

The best duo goes to Timothy and Tristan!

In an exclusive interview with Woman’s Day, Timothy and Lucinda revealed how they truly felt about some of his former participants.

“We’ve got a lot of time for Eden. I’ve never had any time for Jayden… Anyone that’s still living at home can’t call himself a man,” he said.

Tori and Jack

As for Tori and Jack, Timothy said: “Look, they deserve each other and whatever is coming in the future. Are they into each other? That’s different. I think one is and one isn’t. I think one is playing a massive game.”

Meanwhile, Lucinda added: “I think Tori’s a little bit blindsided and under the spell of Jack. I don’t dislike them, I’ve been confused by their relationship and I haven’t agreed with their behaviour.”

The most recent ‘cheating’ scandal to rock the experiment was between Jonathan and Ellie – who exited MAFS mid-experiment. Despite the whirlwind of emotions that Lauren and Jonathan have experienced since the news leaked, the pair still follow each other on Instagram.

As for Tori’s husband Jack, he seems to have cut himself of from majority of his fellow participants, only following his ‘wife’ and two grooms on Instagram, Ben Walters and Tristan Black.

Continue scrolling to see more cute friend photos from the Married At First Sight Australia 2024 participants.

Caught on camera

“Caught up with this divine hunk of spunk recently in Sydney! Tim & I proceeded to ping pong back and forth our usual prick/bitch dialogue as recent divorcees! Love ya Timbo!” Lucinda wrote on Instagram.

Jade and Eden are surprise friends from the 2024 season, with the former getting cuddly with Cub very often!

Since entering the MAFS experiment, Lucinda hasn’t shared a lot of personal photos on Instagram outside of episode screenshots. She has, however, shared photos with Cassandra, who she adores.

“A moment to honour the exquisite beauty inside and out that is our divine Cassandra. Cass, how dare you be so gorgeous!” she wrote.

“You, my darling, are pure sunshine and I’m so proud to call you a friend. I’m inspired by your wonderful soul essence ✨Never stop being the classy, sassy, wisdom-keepin cool cat that you are! Your big heart & authenticity reverberates right across the lands 🌍

“Love you so much.”

Sara and Lauren have grown extremely close!

Cassandra is friends with everyone, but are we really surprised given she is the MAFS 2024 sweetheart?

Two drama-free brides!

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