Married At First Sight’s Lyndall offers up a major bombshell that rocks her marriage

The truth is out!

Things are set to get rocky for Married At First Sight’s most-loved couple Lyndall and Cameron, after the bride has placed herself at the centre of a cheating scandal.

Despite both appearing elated at the first commitment ceremony, a well-placed insider spills to Woman’s Day that cracks have started to show between the pair as the experiment enters its third week, particularly after Lyndall, 27, was caught up in the drama between Adam, 35, and Claire, 31, on Sunday night.

“Cameron made it clear to Lyndall he wanted to stay out of conflict on the show,” says the sleuth of the 27-year-old. “That’s not why he was there.”

Lyndall was scared to reveal the truth! (Image: Nine)

Lyndall appeared to confirm 28-year-old Janelle’s greatest fears that her husband Adam had become close with Claire on a raucous night out in Sydney, when she recalled Adam telling her to go home early or he’d go home with Claire.

Focused on drama

The revelation shocked the contestants and the experts, but no more so than her husband Cameron, who is said to have been “disappointed” at the meddling.

“He was taken aback – he thought she was focused on their relationship and not on all the drama.”

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