Hilary Barry shows us how to work from home in style

We may be in lockdown but Hilary's outfit proves we don't have to dress down.
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We’re all just settling in to lockdown, but Hilary Barry seems to have it sorted. The 50-year-old news presenter has recently declared to NEXT magazine that she’s more confident than ever. If there were any doubts about that, the sequinned, gold, floor length gown she is wearing in her latest Instagram picture surely puts them to bed.

“I aspire to be this extra,” commented one fan.

Not only is she dressed to the nines, complete with hair and makeup, an eagle-eyed commenter also congratulated her on “the old stacking of books under the laptop for ergonomic benefits”. She’d certainly pass a workplace assessment in our office – and the noise cancelling headphones get a tick from us too.

This isn’t the first time Hilary has put her hand up to help Kiwis, in 2018 she offered to babysit during the teachers strike. She is also a fierce advocate of women dressing how they want and owning it – and she is certainly owning this look.

The Seven Sharp co-host captioned her snap with some inspirational advice: “Working from home? How about making a bloody effort on today’s video call instead of sitting there in your pj’s.”

She added that she’s got her own full guide to working from home on her Facebook page, where she has posted a video of herself in her finery urging viewers to “zhuzh yourself up,” and introduces us to her “work from home rules”. Number one? No PJs.

But of all Hilary’s rules, we like the “dress like a princess” idea the best and we might just have to try it. It’d certainly make our daily zoom meetings just a little bit more glamorous.

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